Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I slept in. Ping didn't have school due to snow, so I did what an smart mom does. I stayed in bed. Ping did make a mess, but I have seen worse. I could have slept for hours longer, but I did get up so I wouldn't waste the day in bed. That and Ping occasionally likes to eat:) The phone rang in the morning and I went to grab the phone, but it was dead. It's been dying off early since we had the big power outage. Ping took it upon herself to answer the phone downstairs. She was yelling "Daddy, where are you??????" I told her to hang up the phone and come upstairs. She says to me, "that was Ayi Meri, I said hi to Ayi Meri." It was so cute. So I called Meri back once I got another phone. Meri proceeds to tell me that Ping said I was sleeping and that she was making a big mess. NICE. Thanks sweetie. I will not be getting the Mother of the Year award for 2009. Huge shocker!!!

So we went on to clean up her room from her "mess." The rest of the day was spent doing things in the house. Ping watched some TV and played in her Princess dress. I did a lot of computer work and made a bunch of business calls. I am trying to also organize a bunch of upcoming things. Ping will have been adopted one year on 2/25/09. There is also Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year which is in just a few weeks. So there is a lot to plan. It's important to me that we mark these special milestones in her life. I want her to look back on her life fondly. I hope that will be the case.

The weather was snowy and icy all day, so stepping out to do anything was not going to happen. So she missed school and I missed swim! Aggravating that I missed swim again since the day before I sat in the parking lot of the Y without my bag, so I had to turn around and leave. UGH. I need to get a second set of stuff and store it in the truck!!!!

Today was a busy day. There was school and swimming to be done today. After I picked up Ping, we did a few errands. She was NOT at all happy about it. She is getting worse and worse about running around doing errands. We just had a few days of not being out and she wants to give me grief about going to the stores? I told her that we were out of some things including some things she wanted. She calmed down shortly after! I will say though that if Ping could get drunk of of whining, she would have been trashed today. She was relentless. I was beside myself. When it goes on and on and on, it's very frustrating. I remind myself daily that I still have a lot of friends who are waiting to bring home their little ones and would do anything to listen to a little one whine. That does help me to be more tolerant.

While we were out, Ping spyed more Princess dresses. I bought two for her. One was on sale. The other one wasn't, but it was a Silvermist Princess dress and that is the Asian fairy. I fought with myself not to get them. I think they are expensive for what they are. However, they bring her so much joy. She has been ripping her clothes off daily and putting the same Princess outfit on all week. She would wear it to school if it was allowed. She would wear it to bed if we allowed it. She is obsessed. So two more dresses it is. They will last her some time I hope! She also got some shoes. They were $1.00 each. Can't beat that price. She got a new tiara that is already broken. That was $1.00 too. You get what you pay for!!!! It's a tough line to walk for a parent. You don't want to spoil a child and have them think they can get everything they want because they can't unless you have money trees in the back yard. On the other hand, many people would spend $20 on a few glasses of wine after work and think nothing of it. Not that I would, but I know people who would. For $20, she gets immense pleasure. She is always so grateful too which is wonderful. A lot of people assume because we wanted her for so long and because she is our only that she gets anything she wants, but that is hardly the case. I was raised to be responsible and to not expect everything and I am teaching her the same.

Anyway, we spent the rest of the day home. I had some cleaning to do here and she had some dress wearing to do! Our wonderful neighbor came by to take Ping for a quick walk. Ping was saying she didn't want to go because she didn't want to take off her darn dress. I told her she could change and change back into her dress when she returned. That seemed to work.

Tonight Bill was going to go to a meeting, but thought he would stick around here to get a few things done. Guess what got done? The two of us passed out in the living room while Ping watched the Backyardigans which turned into the Wonder Pets and then Wow Wow Wubbzy. I kept waking up knowing that it was growing late. She was snuggled up to me and incredibly toasty. I think it was a ploy to keep me sedated!!!! So finally I got up and told Bill that he needed to get her upstairs. The little devil. I am sure it was a plan!!!! Now it is time for me to turn in since morning isn't my strong suit.

Here are a few pictures of Princess Ping.

Mama Out!!!!

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Christina said...

AAAH, now I get the dresses! Where do you find them? They are so pretty!