Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bracelet help!!!!

I bought this bracelet for Ping in China. It has little beads that slide on. I bought one for Hope, Caleigh and Megan. Ping got the black one. There was a pink, green and a yellow I think. The band comes in many colors. The beads do as well and if you flip them over, they are another color. So "S" can be pink or you can flip it and it's blue. Anyway, Ping wore this exactly once and the bracelet ripped.. It's a fairly cheap bracelet. I thought it would hold up better. I have looked and Googled everything. I have also tried to find the store online but have had zero luck. If you have any ideas or know where I can find a bracelet like this, please let me know. I would be so grateful. I can measure it if you need me too. If I knew someone going to China, I would ask them to pick one up for me, but I don't know anybody that is going soon! If you are better on the computer and can find it, by all means, please brag!!!!!! Thanks!


Kim said...

I am one of the organizers of an adoption support group here in ATL.
We have four families that are going to be traveling by May (God willing and the creek don't rise!) Email me and I will send you my phone number and we can talk about where you got the bracelet, etc. I know one of the families will be happy to get you another bracelet.
Email -

Kristin said...

Jill, it looks like it's just a thin watch band with beads strung on it. You might try looking for a replacement watch band in a kids' size.