Saturday, January 10, 2009

We have had a few busy days here

Yesterday was a wet day for Miss Ping. First thing in the morning, she proceed to whine for 20 minutes over not being able to wear her Princess dress to school. So because she was so busy doing that, she missed her opportunity to go to the bathroom. At least that is my take on it. So she rips down her Pull Up and pees all over the floor!!!!!! Not a great start to the day. Whining and pee. UGH. So I cleaned it up and we rushed out the door to get her to school. After school, I took Ping out for lunch. We had a play date at 1pm and bringing her home for an hour between school and an appointment or play date is so not worth it. The minute we walk in the house she rips out her hair bow, she strips and she puts on one of her Princess dresses along with shoes, etc. So I made the decision to take her to lunch instead of bringing her home. We headed to Bertuccis in Westborough. We had rolls, salad and pizza. Just as the pizza was put down in front of us, Ping grabs my shoulder and says she needs to go to the bathroom. So to the bathroom we walked. We get there and Ping is not doing anything. Ever since we were away at the Pinegrove Ranch, she has been afraid to use the bathroom anywhere. The woman in the stall next to us flushed and it was so loud that it made Ping jump. So since then she has a hard time going anywhere but home. So anyway, I told her I would help her. I proceeded to pull down her pants and Pull Up and she pees all over the place including on her sneakers. Luckily she missed her pants. Well this is frustrating. We are in a stall of a public restroom and I need to manage her, my pocketbook and a messy floor. I got through it of course, but it was sort of a bitch. She was upset I didn't have an extra Pull Up in my bag. I did in the car, but not in the pocketbook. I can only carry so much stuff!!!!!!!! We were only going in the restaurant for an hour and this isn't something that normally happens. Not normally anyway.

So we headed back to the table to eat and then scurried out the door to get to our play date for 1 pm. We met Mindy and Ciara at Munchkin Land. We had a wonderful time. It's always nice to be able to catch up with good friends. Ciara and Ping play together, but separately as well. The place is great for kids. It's clean and it gives us a chance to chat while they have plenty of entertainment! When we got there, there were a ton of moms with their kids, but after about 15 minutes, they left and the owner cleaned up the place. We were there for the most part alone! Mindy left shortly after 3 pm to pick up her son. Ping wanted to play a little more, so we stayed till 4 pm. I had to drag her out. She was having so much fun! While there I asked Shayla if she had to go to the bathroom. She kept saying she didn't. I knew better. So I finally said that if she used her Pull Up instead of going to the bathroom, she was going to lose TV. Needless to say, she lost TV for the night.

The rest of the evening was quiet. Ping went to bed and I did a few things on the computer and watched some TV. Bill went to bed with Ping and never returned. Shocker, no?

Today was another busy day. I feel like I have barely been home!!!!! We had a 12 pm play date with Audra and her two girls Ava and Elise. We went for lunch and then while Audra and I chatted, the girls played dress up in their Princess clothes. Miss Ava and Miss Elise have some beautiful Princess dresses and PIng loves them. They also played with the kitchen and colored and watched a little TV. It was great being able to get caught up with Audra. It's hard during the week as she works full time and has two girls! She is a busy mom. Ping loves hanging out with her two, so it was a fabulous visit. The only downer was that Ping lost her TV priveledges again because she refused to go into Miss Audra's bathroom.

We left there to come home, but were not home long. We had dinner plans with Ayi Meri and Uncle Joe and Lucas. Joe's birthday is tomorrow and Meri has to work late, so we decided to go tonight. We went to a new Mexican place in Holden. We had a great time. It was nice to go out with them. It's like a family of six when we get together. We have been going out to dinner for years. We don't go as often as we used to because everyone is so busy, so it's a nice treat when we do go out. We need to plan some more outings. Ping as usual was being silly and hanging all over Ayi Meri. She really does adore them. She looks forward to playing with Lucas as well. I got some great pictures. I am mad that I didn't get one of Shayla with them though! My camera was dying though, so I guess it's just as well. There will be other times!

I rounded out the day by talking via text with Karen and Anita. All in all it was a wonderful day. Now it is snowing like crazy. So I think tomorrow we will be home and doing a lot of stuff around here. I am not looking forward to some of the upcoming projects I have, but they need to be done!!!!!

I am also planning a few more activities for the next coming weeks. I would love to go back to Create A Cookie. I would love to try Build A Bear. I would like to go to Whimsy Arts. I would like to try Claytime. I would like to bring Ping to a local puppet show. I would like to go back to Noodle, Noggin and Bean as well. So if anyone is interested, shoot me an email! If you have any excellent ideas, please let me know as I would like any suggestions you may have.

Well that is it for now. I will upload a few pictures from yesterday and tonight. I didn't get any of the girls today which stunk, but they were so busy running around, so it was never a good time. Oh well!

Mama Out!!!!!!!

Playing in the car and train room.

Playing with the eggs she has been carrying around everywhere. She loves to take the blocks out and stack them.

The taller the better.

Ciara ironing clothes. Too cute.

Ciara and Ping sitting in the middle of the rock tower.

Another shot of them in the tower.

Ping climbing up the rock tower. Did she have to carry so much.

Ping, it is a drum, NOT A HAT!

Ciara hanging out.

Yay, made it to the top.

Grass skirt, drum on the head, flowers in her hands. My girl knows how to be on the cutting edge of style.

All of us. I hate photos of me, but decided to put it up anyway.

Love this photo of Lucas and Meri.

The Stand family.

Lucas with his Mexican sombrero.

Ping with her Mexican sombrero.

Hmmmm, first it's a grass skirt and now it's a Mexican hat. This girl gets around the globe.

My smiling girl.

I love this picture of her. It's amazing how happy she looks. Considering the amount of whining she has done this week, it's wonderful to see a smile. First week back to school must be hard getting use to?

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Christina said...

Love the smiling photos with the brown bow--she's so photogenic!

These princess dresses baffle me. I'm sorry, I only speak Lego. Is there a princess ON them? Or are they just princess-y and fancy?