Monday, January 5, 2009

A few more pictures

Ping hanging while I am washing the dishes.

Opening a thank you note from her teacher.

Bad picture of beautiful bracelet. I will try and get a better one. It's a silver bracelet with a pink ladybug charm. I love it and am looking forward to adding to it. This was give to me by Meri. On the Friday night after Christmas, we went to Meri and Joe's to have dinner and exchange gifts. I totally forgot to mention it before in the blog as I was rushing to get the blog post before heading out of town. Joe cooked an awesome fried turkey. Best turkey I have had. There was gravy and potato latkes with applesauce. It was all very yummy. Joe is a good cook. Meri helped with the latkes. I think that is how you spell it! So we had dinner, played the Dreidel game with little Dreidels and exhanged presents. It was a fun game. I love learning new things. Ping got a beauitufl sweater with a ladybug and a ladybug watch. Can't wait for her to wear the sweater. Bill got some awesome beer and a 4 leaf clover key chain which he loves. Thank you so much for a wonderful time!

This is one of my gifts from Sarah and Brad. I love this saying. I have seen it before. I actually have the saying on a 4x6 photo in a photo album that Ayi Meri made me! This plaque is so perfect for me and Sarah knew it. It's hanging right above my computer so I can see it daily. Thank you sweetie.

I got some awesome stuff this year. I have the best friends in the world.


Mama Out!!!!!

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