Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow Princess pants and the bean bag

Well Ping at the last minute put her hands in her pants, so I didn't get a great photo as we were dashing off to school. As you know, Ping only likes dresses! I told her these were pants that Princesses wear!!!! She didn't believe me, but I got them on her anyway. Of course the 20 minute whine added to the loveliness of the morning. Meri bought this outfit for Ping before she even came home. The bottom of the pants have a fur trim and snow flakes with silver sparkles and there is silver thread in the shirt. There is even a cute matching hat, but didn't want her to lose it at school. So cute and it looked so cute on her for the time she was in school. Once home, it was Princess dress time as usual.

Hey Sophie, I bought that for Ping!!!!! As long as you are inside, I don't care where you sit baby.

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