Sunday, January 25, 2009

The weekend is already come and gone!

Today I woke up to constant bantering between Ping and Daddy! "Knock Knock? Who's there? Banana!" WHAT? This went on for a very, very long time. Miss Ping has been getting up earlier and earlier on the weekends. I have no idea why. Even Daddy says "Ping, go back to sleep please, it's early. So today she jumped up early and went to put on her Princess dress and then jumped into bed and slept a little while longer. I think that is why she is waking up so early. She is eager to get her special dress on! Today we had plans though, so we actually had to put on a real dress! It was really late when I jumped out of bed. My alarm never went off, so I shot out of bed like a cannon. We both showered and got Ping ready and flew out the door. We were meeting some people we had never met before. Their little girl is from Shanxi, China just like our little Pingaroo. They live about an hour from us. They were in Connecticut visiting family and decided that they could jump off the highway to meet us for lunch before heading onto their homestead. It was a wonderful visit. They have a biological son Tucker and their little one is Samantha. She is nearly three. She has been home since September! She is such a doll. We did get a few pictures. She got better pictures than I did, so I will add them after I get hers.

In addition to lunch we had a few errands. Now we are home doing some stuff that needs to be done here! So it was wonderful to be able to meet another little girl for Ping to have a friend. It's one thing to have a friend from China, but to have one from her Province is incredible since you don't hear about too many children coming from Shanxi! I am looking forward to our next visit:)

I hope you are well!

Mama Out!!!!!

Sasha burrito.

Uncle Joe with Lucas' new gift.

Handsome photo of Lucas.

Dakota hanging out amongst the gifts.

Ping now trying on Lucas' gift.

Still trying to get the helmet on.

Davey Ping Crockett.

Davey Ping Crockett laughing at Uncle Joe.

Finally got the hang of it.

Samantha and Ping. I called Ping Pam today. That is Sam and Ping mixed! LOL.

Ping is looking at Stacy's camera and Samantha at mine. How funny is that?

Look at the adorable vest that Samantha has!

Beautiful Shanxi beauties!

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