Friday, January 30, 2009

What a frustrating week it's been!!!!!

I feel like nothing has gone right this week. I dropped Ping off at school with the scratches over and under the eye, a little bruise on her forehead and the nice new hairdo. I went to swim. It was hardly enjoyable as I imagined the school was writing me up for abuse of my child!!!!! Would you believe me if I told you after school, I got a call from Ping's teacher? She just had a question, but I thought for sure she was going to ask what I was doing to Ping in the afternoons!!!! Her teacher is wonderful. She has children of her own. Ping has a few teachers and they are all great. I am sure they understand what can happen in a mere minutes, but I still feel awful in general about what this kid has done to herself this week!!!!

Today we had the furnace cleaned. It's working great, so no worries there. I spent the day doing a few things. Not getting half the stuff done that I wanted to. Somewhere late afternoon, I got really drowsy. Not sure why. I didn't give in though. Well I did, but not till Ping went for a bath:)

So tonight in the mail I get something from the passport office. They are asking for more documents stating that Ping is a US Citizen. This makes me very ill as I sent originals to them with the application. They have her Chinese passport, our adoption decree and a copy of her US paperwork we received after she was home for a month and a half. This immediately left a pit in my stomach. Do they know how important those documents are? What else can they possibly need??????? I immediately called, but with any agency, you never get anyone that can help you and you can never call the people you need directly because they don't accept outside calls. Why are these people always protected from the outside??????? So I am sick waiting to find out more. They will call me! NICE! She kept saying "when are you traveling?" Who gives a shit when, I want the answers now. Where are my daughter's documents!!!!!!!

The second piece of paper in the mail was from my credit card who is unwilling to credit me some money for my horrendous stay at the Pinegrove Ranch. I was sad over that. However, that is easily remedied. I will cancel them and that will bother them in general. I pay monthly, I pay on time and I usually pay the balance in full. When it's not so high of a balance that is:) So I can only hit them where it counts. Cancellation. There are plenty of cards to be had in this world. I know because everyone asks me daily by mail if I want to sign with them!

Mail can be a drag. It delivers bad news and carries bills. Hmmm. I only like it when it's my birthday or Christmas. If it's not good, keep it at the post office!

I have a tendency to get bad mail on late Friday afternoons. It makes it impossible to contact anybody due to the hour and then I have to wait the weekend for answers. This happens to me all the time. So irritating!

Well Miss Ping is sleeping soundly. Bill is in the family room sleeping soundly and I need to get to bed. I will leave you with a few more photos from our lunch the other day!

Mama Out!!!!

Up close and personal!

Sam with tres sombreros!

Love this one of Ping loving the big hat.

Where are you?

Miss Jillian.

Master Sam.

Three amigas!

Mucho locas!

Good buddies.

Look, they are all so happy.

All smiling.

Precious bunch.


Steve and Jen said...

Hi Jill,

Was nice to meet you and your family at the CNY patry yesterday. Sorry I didn't recognize you at first. The party is huge and can get a bit overwhelming not only for the little ones but patrents as well. Thanks for the link to your blog we will definately be following along.


Christina said...

I hate late Friday afternoon bad news via snail mail! Hope everything turns out well with the passport documents. How frustrating!

By the way, Pings hair looks cute with the pigtails. In the photos, you really can't see her "work." ;)