Friday, January 16, 2009

Bitter cold days here

Yesterday was freaking cold. It was roughly 7-11 degrees. Not my idea of fun and I am rarely cold! I did go swimming after dropping off Ping at school. I was proud of myself for going in this weather. After school, I took Ping to Ayi Karen's for a hair cut. Her hair was so long, it was incredible. We stayed home the rest of the day. It was too cold to go out and do errands. My daughter doesn't really care if I freeze while she comfortably and slowly gets into her car seat. So I just decided that staying home and making some important phone calls was the way to go.

Last night I did go and get my hair colored and cut from Ayi Karen. I also got a facial. It was so nice to get my hair cut as it was very long. However, Bill told me not to come home without whipped cream for Ping's cocoa! Like I need to run to a store at 11 pm for whipped cream? I could be without lifesaving medicine for a month, but she can't go without whipped cream? I am soooo bottom of the totem pole here! Mind you, I am joking about the medicine. However, if I did need it, it would not be nearly as important!!!!!

Today Ping had no school. It was "Staff Development Day." Hmmm, we have had how much school off and they needed to keep this day? It would have been better if it was cancelled and the kids were in school for the day. However, they aren't asking for my opinion on this issue or any other issue for that matter! So I didn't have to get up and I certainly could not go swimming, so I stayed in bed a little later. Not as late as I would have liked. Figured it wasn't worth paying the piper! I told Ping "NO MESS." She agreed. Well she agreed in theory! I showered and made the bed and was doing some general cleaning and then I went to her room. MESS! Books, dressed up animals, junk on the floor, bed unmade and a few other things upside down and insdie out! I told her I wasn't thrilled, so she made her bed to the best of her ability. The two of us picked up the place which only took minutes. Not a big deal. I told her if the downstairs was a mess, she best run for her little life and clean it up:) She said it wasn't messy. Nothing was out of place at all, so she did well!!!

We stayed home again for 99% of the day. It was freezing out and I had no desire to go out and neither did she. She wanted to hang out in her Princess dress all day, so that is what she did. I didn't do as much as I set out to do. Around 3 pm, I started feeling funky. So I sat down about an hour later to see if I could shake it. I ended up being fine. I thought Bill's earlier in the week illness had finally found me!!!!! Bill came home, we got Ping dressed and we headed to CVS to have a passport photo taken of Ping. Before we even got accross town, this chickie was dead asleep. Guess she was tired!!!!! It's tough being a Princess and hanging around and sitting on your bean bag!!!!! She was unhappy that we dragged her into CVS and had her photo taken. Sort of looks like a mug shot:) I just want to have a passport for her in the event that we want to go away! It would be easier if we had readopted her by now, but it is out of my control. I am waiting on someone else to get some stuff done so we can proceed. We don't need to readopt her at all, but it's nice as it generates a birth certificate from the USA.

After the mug shot, we headed out for dinner with friends. We met with Marghrit and Berj and their twin girls Armig and Noushig. It was so nice to see them. We don't see them nearly enough. It was a great time. Unfortunately, eating and chatting isn't that easy with three young children. It was nice to get out though. Just wish it was warmer. After dinner I watched a movie on Hallmark and now here I am blogging. I am going to upload a few pictures, so I best be on my way.

Please keep good thoughts for Sarah's mom who is doing much better, but still has a road to continue on until all tests are completed. Also please keep good thoughts for Donna's mom who fell on the ice and hurt her thumb. It may have been broken. I am waiting to hear from Donna about that. Poor thing. Ice sucks. I can't wait for Spring so everyone is safe and feeling better!

Love to all.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Sophie's reflective eyes.

She waits for Ping to go to bed so she can steal her bean bag. She loves it.

You looking at me?

I fit in this box! See, I am not fat!

Marghrit and Noushig.

Crazy Ping.

Noushig and Armig.

Armig. Sweet Armig has a red spot on her face. She has had it since birth. She is fine and just as beautiful as her sister. She will probably have it removed when she is six if it doesn't go down on it's on.


All three at the end of the night.

All three finally looking, but barely.

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Christina said...

Love the photo of Ping and the twins! Such a beautiful group of ladies!