Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today was a better day

Shayla had school and I had swim. It's good when the day starts out with a routine! After I picked Miss Shayla up at school, we headed to lunch with Ayi Meri and Ayi Jenn. In tow were Lucas, Sam and Jillian. The kids were so well behaved. I was proud of them. We had lunch at a local Mexican place. For some reason, I feel like the lunch absolutely flew by. We did take a couple of cute photos of the kids. I had my camera and Meri had hers. I will show you what I got. I am waiting on Ayi Meri's.

After lunch, Ayi Meri dropped Lucas off at home to hang with his Dad and the three of us girls went to Target. Ayi Meri was looking for maternity clothes. We were also looking for something like headbands and hats to see if we could cover Ping's new and not so improved hairdo! Ayi Meri found a cute heart one, so we bought that. Other than that, we didn't have a lot of luck. It was hard for me to walk around Target. I noticed a lot of people looking at Ping's hair. I am not sure if they felt bad for her because they didn't know if she was sick or not? All I know is I felt like I wanted to sink into the floor. I was embarrassed. Not because of Ping because I adore her. I was embarrassed because clearly this happened on my watch. I allowed this to happen and I feel like I am the worst mother out there. I am not saying that is what people thought. I just know what happened and felt like it was written on my forehead.

We got home about 4 pm. Ping watched a little TV. She decided at one point to go upstairs. I wasn't sure why as she isn't allowed to wear her Princess dresses right now. It's a consequence from yesterdays mishap. She knows this and even said she wasn't allowed to wear them because she touched the scissors. So I was wondering what she was doing. I went to the bottom of the stairs to ask her what she was doing. She really wasn't doing much of anything. So I went back to doing what I was in the middle of. She came downstairs a few minutes later. She told me that Neesha "got" her. So I asked her to come over to where I was sitting because she walked away so fast after she mentioned that something happened. There on her face are scratches. She has like 5 of them around her eyeball!!!!!!! Thank god she didn't get her eyeball scratched. I asked her if she annoyed Neesha and she willingly admitted that she did. Well at that point, what can I say? Neesha would never willingly hurt Ping. She loves Ping and always is rubbing her ankles and such. I know if Neesha struck, it's because she was caught off guard and was protecting herself. I was glad that Ping willingly admitted that she harrassed the cat. What the hell though. First the hair and now the scratches? It seems like Ping is looking to get as banged up and as maimed as possible!!!!! She looks terrible and it makes me look terrible!!!!! I am thinking a padded room is needed till she is like maybe....30? She is 3.5 years old. She is allowed to move throughout the house. I keep an eye on her and talk to her all the time, but stuff still happens. God knows what people are going to think of us!!!!! I hope no more damage is done! I am going to have to cancel plans and hang out in my cave if one more thing happens!!!!

I will say that it was nice to be out today. The roads were not great and the parking lots at the Y, her school, the restaurant and Target left little to be desired. Talk about major ice. I walked like a slow penguin! It was nice not to be stuck in though. Laughing and being silly with friends is always fun!

I hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!

Lucas, Jillian, Sam, Ping.

Best of buddies.

Loving the pink sombrero. Fries still in mouth!

Hola Chicas and Chicos.

So cute. Look at the belly!

Ayi Meri and Lucas.

Sam with three sombreros.

Miss Jillian with sombrero.


Kim said...

We applied for Sheridan's passport in Nov 2007 (had been home 3 months). We were nervous about the documents, too. However, much to our surprise, his passport arrived 5 DAYS later. His original documents all came back, too but they were under separate cover and about a week behind the passport.

Christina said...

You are right... she is 3.5! It's not as if you are allowing an 8-month-old to roll around on the floor by herself. ;)

These things happen. Stop blaming yourself.