Sunday, January 11, 2009


What a sleeper of a day. I slept in. I got up and showered and proceeded to look at the mess in my living room. I asked Ping to clean it up. In fact, I nicely asked her to clean it up several times. She ignored me. She has ignored me all week. Not sure where her listening skills have gone to, but she best head out and search for them!!!!!!!! So she started crying that she wanted Daddy who was outside clearing the snow. She said "I don't like you Mama." She never says that. So I said to her "really? That is a shame because the Princess dress that you are wearing is something Mama bought you!" So I proceeded to help her out of it. I felt mean doing this, but she needs to listen to me. She is 3.5 and I get that, but she can't ignore me and the room was deplorable! Condemnable if that is a word!!!!! She refused to still clean. Daddy came in and took one look and told her to clean up as well. Good for him. He still is breathing because of his stance! Well it didn't help, so I told Ping to head to her room. I am sure she got a sore throat from her screaming. I felt awful, I really did. Parenting isn't easy sometimes. So we proceeded to clean the mess. Shortly after, Ping came downstairs and crawled in my lap and bawled all while trying to say that she was sorry. Of course I hugged her and told her it was all over and that I love her even when I am upset with her. I always tell her that. Moments later she was in her Princess gown again and all was right with the world!

I proceeded to embark on one of my most hated projects which is cleaning out my filing cabinet. It is chock full of stuff. It takes me days to do this. I take out everything old and organize it. I then put all the old stuff in a plastic bin and put it away. Somewhere around 5 pm, I got sick of doing this project and decided to sit and close my eyes for a few. Bill was out shopping and Ping was hopping all over the place. When Daddy got home, she then started hanging with him and I passed out. Not sure for how long, but it wasn't the 10 minute cat nap I was planning on! Well now it is 12:45 am! It is time to go to bed. My project will be staring at me all week unfortunately. When it's done, I love it though. It's so nice and clean and I can actually reach in and file something!!!!!

So that is all for tonight. I hope all is well with you my friends.

Mama Out!!!!

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Christina said...

I'm so impressed that you file in the first place. I never make it that far!