Monday, January 5, 2009

So much more to discuss

So as you can see, vacation was a bust. That is okay though. We had a nice holiday. We got back on Friday and emptied and washed the hell out of our stuff. On Saturday, we had a Lutheran Social Service Adoption party to attend in Rhode Island. It started at 11. It's only an hours drive. We had a great time. I have some pictures that I will share with you from that party. When we got home, we did a few things around here and that was about it. I did stay up very last to watch a Hallmark movie which just about put me over the edge. I also watched John Edward Cross Country.

Yesterday I really slept in. My face mask is really giving me some trouble, so I am not sleeping well. If it's too tight, I get terrible red marks on my face. Too loose and I get awful noises that come from it. It's all made harder by the fact that I am a belly sleeper! When I finally did get up, I did a few projects around the house. Every year after the holidays, I check off who sent a card. If I don't get one after a few years, I stop sending them one of ours. I get sick of sending them to people who don't really seem to care, you know? It's even worse when you get one back clearly because you sent one to them. Thanks, but spare me. Anyway, after I check off the cards in my special book designed for this, I cut all the pictures down to 4x6 size and put them in albums. I keep all pictures. I then wrote out all the thank you notes that I needed to do. I changed from my Christmas purse to my regular Vera Bradley and I made a mean to do list for this week. I did a little cleaning as well. I have a lot of things I want to do to get the new year started out on the right foot.

Now for some pictures!

Mama Out!!!!!

Merry Christmas Eve.

Michael opening his gift card from us.

Nicole opening her gift.

Donna showing off one of her ornaments. It says "#1 Nurse" and then Donna on it.

Opening gifts from Ayi Donna.

Opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Her Snugglekins Panda.

Trying to carry all her gifts and avoid falling on her bean bag.

Her new camera.

New red shoes.

More presents from Santa.

Daddy showing off his sweatshirt.

New apron and hat. Personalized with her name "Shayla."

Showing her Snugglekins stroller.

Kissing ball.

Up close picture of kissing ball.

Bill's mom, Ping and Daddy.

Uncle Robo and Ping on the exercise bike at Ayi Anita's parents house.

Ayi Anita and Ping.

Ayi Sarah's present to Ping was an awesome bath toy that was a tea set. So cool.

Lunch with Amy, Brittany, Juliana and Ping.

Amy holding Ping.

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