Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a frustrating day!

I am glad the day is nearly over. School and swim went fine. We came home after school because Ping was going to get a hair cut from Ayi Karen. Unfortunately, Karen wasn't feeling well so we didn't see her. We were also waiting for someone to come by and look at something that needs to be done at the house. He did show up.

The most frustrating part of the day were that people were getting annoyed at something I said on Facebook. It wasn't an insult or anything mean. It was just me sharing my feelings on something. Well people got bent out of shape and so I had to hear about that. Then another person left a cryptic message and trying to find out what it was proved fruitless. In addition, I had a few phone calls that didn't go well today. I don't like to have to argue with anyone, but if you don't stand by what you are supposed to, I am going to say something. Don't expect me to back down and whimper. It's not going to happen!

Bill got home late and Ping was all hyped up before bed, so that was not really all that much fun. I am thinking of stepping away from the computer and phone so I can't be annoyed any longer. I should hide out in a little cave. Maybe I will contemplate some snacks for that trip. Hmmm, better go think about that!

Take care!

Mama Out!!!!!!

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