Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Long Day!!!!

It was an awesome day though. I got so much done today that I am thrilled! I picked up Ping from school and we headed off to flower shop. I bought 11 wave petunia containers and 14 geraniums. We plan on planting at the cemetery tomorrow. I hope the weather stays decent. It's supposed to! We then headed to Target for a few things. Of course I forgot to get stuff that I really needed to. We came home and had lunch and then I paid some bills, ordered myself some beads that I have been wanting to get and ordered some clothes that I desperately needed. Before I knew it, it was 5:30 pm. I sat down to read the rest of Baystate Parent that I had hanging around and then Bill came through the door.

Ping was dying to plant the flowers we got, so they planted some petunias in two planters we have. I picked up enough petunias for the two buckets and for the cemetery. I know I will need to go back and get some more to plant in a few other places as well! Ping had a ball outside. She had a quick dinner and headed off to bed. She was exhausted and extra whiny.

I have to say that Ping was so helpful today. She is quite often! She had to put every flower on the cart. She then had to push this giant cart to the register and then out to the truck. She had to put all the plants in the car with my assistance. She then insisted on taking them all out of the car and would only let me help her once I begged. She is a huge helper. She does this at any store we go to. She has to put the products in the cart, on the conveyor belt and then in the car! She cracks me up. I usually say to her "enjoy your childhood now because you will have to do this soon enough!" She was so sweet today, she made me cry. I don't know how it came about, but I said "How many kitties do you have?" She said she only had one. She knows she has three, but she was trying to be funny. So I said, "well I will tell the other two that they no longer live with us." Of course she giggled. So I said "Come on silly, we have three....there is Neesha, Sophie and Sasha." She said, "but Mommy, we have Lily too. I love her and she is my friend and I miss her. " I tried to explain to her that Lily is an angel that went to heaven. However, she said "cats don't have wings like fairies Mom!" I said "well she is sitting on a cloud looking over us." She seemed to be happy with that. However, she kept talking about wanting to find Lily. By the time I got to our street, I was silently crying. We will be at a year soon since Lily was taken from us. I miss her daily. Whenever Ping sees a picture of a cat that looks like Lily, she always points to it and says "Mommy, she/he looks like Lily." She does this with pictures of any cats that look like ours. I still can't get over losing the cats last year. I am forever traumatized by what happened. All I do all day is run around the house and check on them. I make sure the doors are closed and closed tight. I just wish losing her wasn't so senseless. I did recover because I didn't want Ping to see me sad. I am amazed at how much she remembers Lily though and how much she misses her. Ping is a true gem. I still get several bursts of joy when I think of how amazing she is and how lucky we are to have her!

Well time to wake up the husband and get to bed. We have a busy weekend ahead of us!!!!

Mama Out!!!!

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Christina said...

I love days like this. You are lucky to have such a charming and cute little helper!