Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Three days late at posting!!!

Monday I was wiped out, so I couldn't post that night. Bill was up and out by 7:30 am. Ping and I got up at 8:00 am and got ready to go to the cemetery. Every year on Memorial Day, there is a small parade and tribute at the two smaller cemeteries in town. The firefighters, police and veterans march in this parade. They go to one cemetery at 8:00 am and then they come up to the one on my street for 9:15 am. They used to have the high school band and everything, but due to budget cuts, they are no longer involved. It's quite sad really. Everyone usually parks on our yard or around our yard, so we see when they are lining up. Every year I hustle over to the cemetery for 9:15 am. So Ping and I went over and stood in the sun by my parents stone for the parade and tribute. We then talked with our neighbors for awhile. We came home, cleaned up a few things and headed up town. The boy scouts and girls scouts and other organizations join the original group and they all march through town together. They go through town, go to the largest cemetery and then finish up at a church that has a few memorials. They raise the flag at that time.

I have been going to this for years. I went when I was a little girl. I walked in it when I was a little girl! Now I take my little one. Bill always walks in the parade. So Ping and I stood on the side of the road as the parade went by. We then walked to the big cemetery to watch the tribute there and then we went to the church where the last of the tributes were made. Bill then went to the Legion for a beer. It's a tradition. He was home within the hour. Good thing. When he went to leave, Ping cried hysterically. She wanted her Daddy.

Once home, we did some laundry and then headed out for some much needed errand running. After we got home and had dinner, the two of them went to bed and I passed out in the middle of watching TV.

Tuesday it was back to the routine. After swim, I did a few more errands and then showered and picked up Ping. We stayed home all day because I had some cleaning to do here and also some stomach issues. Very frustrating. Not sure what the problem was. It was better by late afternoon. When Bill got home, I went for a pedicure and then to Walmart. Bill went to the fire station for training. I put Ping to bed. She didn't want to shut off the light because Daddy was going to come home and read a story to her. I finally convinced her that we could wait for Daddy in the dark. I then sang "The Wheels on the Bus" and a few other little songs. She then passed out!

I watched a little TV, but I was wiped again so I went to bed like 12:30 am or so.

I woke up tired. I don't know why. Is it the weather?????? Is it because I didn't sleep well when it was hot over the weekend? I was in the pool and yawning like crazy. I finally feel that I am waking up and it's nearly 4:00 pm. I had 2 repair people coming today. 1 canceled and 1 didn't need to come after all. It's too dreary to head out anyway. So far I have done the trash and cleaned out the bathroom cabinet. I should go do a few more things now instead of blogging. There really isn't much to share right now as I am preparing for the BIG GIANT BOAT. That consists of cleaning, errands and organizing. BORING!

Hope you are well!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Ping at my parents stone.

The tribute.

My neighbors straight ahead.

Bill and Ping saluting.

Holding Bubby's hand.

Bill in the parade.

The big cemetery.

The tribute at the end. Ping's teacher is in the red and white shirt next to the lady in green. She happened to get into the shot.

What Bill found when he got home. I would not even step outside. YUCK!!!!

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