Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday and Mother's Day

Yesterday was a busy day. Bill and Ping headed out in the morning for a hair cut and an oil change. They got home very late. We had a party to be to for 1:00 pm, but Bill didn't pull in until 1:30 pm. We raced to the party and was there in plenty of time to watch Sam open his birthday presents. He is now 5 years old! We had a nice time. We then headed into Worcester to a Dumpling party at WPI. The Chinese students wanted to host us one last time before the summer break. Only 10 families could go because of space issues. I realized when we got there that we were the only ones that went. I was really sad about that. They expected two families and the other family didn't even show up. So all these students got together, rented the Oasis House, cooked, set up video games and were there to talk about the past year and what we would like to do for the following year. We stayed for hours. The Ayi's loved Ping and the guys were just great. Ping was not shy at all. She went up to one male student and asked for a drink. So cute! These students are truly phenomenal.

Once we left there, we headed out to dinner. We hadn't had lunch and we didn't eat with the Dumpling student group. We were really starving. We then headed home so Ping could go to bed. She was exhausted! Bill went to bed when Ping did. I watched a little TV, hung out on here and then decided to grab my new People magazine and soak for an hour or so in the jacuzzi! I went to bed around 1:30 am. About an hour later the tones when off and Bill had to leave for the station. I woke up with him and of course Ping did as well. I don't know when I got back to sleep, but I heard Bill come in and unbuckle his jeans. Just then the tones went off again. So after some muffled groans, he headed back out and I fell asleep again. Needless to say, nobody slept through the night!

Today I got up at 9:30 am. We had reservations for brunch at a place called Blissful Meadows in Uxbridge. We had to be there for 10:30 am. I decided about two weeks ago to make the reservations. I thought it would be nice to do something for Mother's Day. So at 10:15 am, we dashed out of the house and headed to brunch. All I can say is the place was pretty. It's a country club. To be honest, I thought the food was awful. It was cold, it was often empty when I went up and it didn't even taste good. The water even tasted like garbage. Needless to say, I wasn't pleased. It wasn't a cheap brunch. It was way overpriced and then to eat food that wasn't even good was upsetting. Ping had a grand time eating sausages. They did have carrot cake and I did have a piece. That was excellent. That was the only thing that was good. Well enough about that. I took a few photos anyway.

After brunch we went to the cemetery so that I could visit mom and dad. We then headed home. We changed and then I got back in the car and brought a hanging geranium over to the cemetery. I bought one for Ping, one for the house and one for Bill's mom. Then I felt awful that I didn't get one for the cemetery. We usually don't hang anything because we plant at the base of the stone. I was so upset that it was so bare, so I took one of the three I bought over to the cemetery. I couldn't stop crying. This is only the second Mother's Day without my mom. Yes, I am a mom. Yes, I love being a mom. However, Mother's Day is about honoring your mother, not yourself. That is how I felt. I did feel better after bringing the plant over. When I got back, Bill and I worked for a few hours on the garage. It's the worst project. I am going through the entire contents of our old house in Norwood. It's hard because I don't know what to do with the stuff. Do I sell, give it away or throw it? I have to look at everything and put it into piles. It's draining and it also makes me extremely sad. It's a reminder of a life lived by three happy people who loved each other. We got a chunk done, but have a lot more to do.

My neighbor called me to tell me that she heard that I had a visitor the other night. I told her I was unaware of the visiter. She said that my neighbor told her that I had a black bear in my yard the other night. We did know that there was a black bear around. In fact it ripped out the shepards hook with the bird seed and also ripped down another bird feeder. Bill kept saying that we had a black bear, but I have yet to see it. Bill hasn't seen it either. I am not sure if we will ever see it, but it would be cool to see from the inside of the house!!!!

Tonight after Bill fed Ping, she got a nice bath and headed off to bed. I passed out in the chair for a little while and then watched a movie. Now I am catching up here and heading off to bed myself.

I am going to post some pictures, but I am warning you, they are awful!

Mama Out!!!!!

Ping constantly has to sit behind me when I am on the computer. Drives me batty. She hangs on me. So I thought I would take a few photos while she was doing it.

She sticks her jaw in my shoulder, her toes and knees in my back. Great fun!

Ping playing at Sam's party.

Ping getting some much needed assistance.

Sam opening gifts and Ayi Meri.

Pinata time.

Ping on the swingset again.

Chinese students playing video games.

Why she does this face is beyond me. Cracks me up.

Chao is next to the TV. We have known him since before bringing home Ping.

Playing and milling about.

Bill with Chao.

Ping finally sharing her eyeballs and no scrunchy face.

Happy baby.

Ping and Ayi.

Brunch. Not a great photo. Excuse the gross bib.

Brunch room.

Happy baby. Excuse the gross bib.


My sweet family.

Brunch view.

Ping with the old car in front.

Blissful Meadows.

Ping blowing dandelions at the cemetery.

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