Friday, May 8, 2009

My eyes are burning

Well I got up today on time. When I woke up, I yelled for Ping. She came into my room fully dressed and holding a picture she drew. She said she made it for her Mommy. What a sweetie. I threw on my bathing suit, gave her the shoes she needed to match her dress and took off for her school. On the way out I grabbed Bill's Blackberry. He forgot it at home and I knew he would like to have it at work. So I dropped Ping off and then the Blackberry. I made it to swim on time too! When I got home, I showered and cleaned up a little. I had a lot of reading to do today. Ping colored while I read. She wanted to sit on my back while I was reading. That drove me nutty. She really wanted to be on my back because Neesha wanted to sit there and Ping was bound and determined to not let Neesha sit where she wanted to. All this time, Ping is hugging me and saying how much she loves me. She is a good manipulator at 3. It scares me, it really does.

After I finished reading, I closed my eyes for a few minutes. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep for 15 minutes. I knew it was 15 minutes because I had looked at the time before closing my eyes. Sure enough Ping was already running around the house!! We came downstairs and I made a few phone calls and made some reservations for excursions during our trip. Ping wanted to sit on the back of me. She had her toes in my back, her knees in my back and her head on my shoulder. Got she kills me when she does this. Then of course she always has to rip out my pony tail and comb my hair. God I love her, but I was not in the mood to be crawled on all day long. I could not distract her no matter what I tried. She was quite destructive today. She was yanking all the feathers out of my feather wreath. She was grabbing my books off the bookcase and letting the rest crash and burn. She was taking all my stuffed animals on my shelves and throwing them around the house. I just wanted to Super Glue her butt to the chair in front of a good video today!!!!

Bill came home and we went to Fashion Bug. I wanted him to come with me so that Ping wouldn't crawl under the stalls and take off through out the store as I was changing. Well I should have left hubby at home. She was doing what she wanted to anyway!!!!!! She is so hard to contain! She was overtired too, so that made it harder. She wanted to go eat, so we stopped at Applebees on the way home. Once we got in, we brought a sleeping Ping upstairs and got her into her nightgown. Then Bill passed out. I came downstairs and did my nails while watching a movie. I guess my table dancing days are over on Friday nights!!!! I am kidding, I never danced on tables!

Well as I said, my eyes are burning. The combination of it being late and all the reading I have done here and in my booklet has taken it's toll I guess. I had a bunch of CASA reading to do, but I got it done!

Hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine.

Mama Out!!!!

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