Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another day that I don't win the Mother of the Year Award

We were exhausted this morning, so we stayed in bed. When Bill woke up at 5:00 am, it was with such a startle because he said he was running late. Ping got up with him and was walking around and chatting with him. By the time she got back into bed and went to sleep, it was time to get up. So I shut the alarm off and we just stayed in bed for awhile. It wasn't long before she was saying "Mom, you have to get up, I can't be late for school." I felt awful that she didn't get to school and I didn't get to swim. I paid for it in the end, trust me. She made a mess of the place, including opening up her detangle hair stuff and pouring it all over the floor!!!!!

We did get ready and headed out for a few local errands. When Daddy got home, we drove over to a clothing place because I wanted to look for some pants. Normally I would go alone, but Ping is so active, I envisioned her diving under the stall and taking off with me half dressed, so I asked Bill to come with me. It was pouring and thundering out and nobody wanted to go, but we did. Then we get there and the store is gone! Empty! For lease!!!!! Who knew. I was so disappointed. We were going to go to another store, but it was sort of late and I just said we should go home so Ping could go to bed on time. So now the two beauties are in bed. Not sure if Bill will return. He was going to make spaghetti, so I sort of hope he does.

Hope we see some sun tomorrow.

Mama Out!!!!!!

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