Sunday, May 3, 2009

How did it get to be Sunday already?

God I didn't know I was so behind on blogging.

Friday we did our usual school and swim thing. We also headed to Walmart for a few supplies. Nothing really exciting to mention for that day.

Yesterday we went into Boston. I had my 2 year check up for my eyes. They are still excellent. I wasn't sure. I swear I can't read the small print on the TV anymore. I guess I just need a bigger TV! We then had lunch in town at the Hard Rock Cafe. Bill mowed the lawn when we got home, Ping played outside and I did some work inside. Ping and Daddy went to bed at 8:00 pm. Never saw the two of them again. I stayed up and watched a Hallmark movie "Living Out Loud." It was pretty good.

Today I stayed home all day. Bill and Ping went off to Walmart to do a little shopping. I stayed in and called the cruise line to see if they were stopping in Mexico. They are not! I was relieved. I had a feeling they were not going to as the CDC doesn't recommend it. In addition to calling them, I read up on all the shore excursions again, looked at some new ones for Cococay in the Bahamas, because that is where they are stopping in place of Mexico. I also did a lot of filing and organizing. The typical boring stuff. Do you think I got into the garage once? That garage will be the death of me:( I just want it done in the worst way. Bill is going to be very busy this week, so I am not sure when he will get around to doing some stuff here. Guess we will be playing it by ear.

Well that is all for now. Take care everyone!

Mama Out!!!!!

Daddy didn't go to bed, so Ping came downstairs.

Passed out and snoring.

Daddy filled up Ping's cup with milk so she could take it to bed. I hate this. He knows it's bad, but he does it anyway. I saw how much and I was yelling "that is way too much." Ping decided to put her hands over my mouth when I said it. She said "it's not too much Mama." Little hellion!!!!!! I started yelling help. Ping said "Mama, you don't need help." She is trying to smother me from speaking.

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