Monday, May 11, 2009

Groggy Monday

I slept terribly last night. So did Ping. I was crushed between Ping on my side and Sasha at my feet. Bill snored like he was trying to demolish the roof. It was awful. I am still trying to figure out why I have a king sized bed? I am getting less room in it than if I had a toddler bed!!!!! Ping tossed and turned all night long. I swear that she is going to her own bed as of the beginning of June. I love her like crazy and I love having her close to me, but she is like a spider with those legs of hers. They are up and over and crossed and backwards, etc. I always get her feet in my stomach and her hand on my face. That is before she flips and lays at the other end of the bed! Someone is moving from my bedroom and if it isn't her, it will be me. I will take up residence elsewhere. I want some room to stretch!!!!

So I drove Ping to school in a groggy state and then went off to swimming. After the bank and Walmart, I headed home for a shower and then back out to get Ping. Going into Walmart is a pain right now as they are remodeling. Nothing is where it usually is. It takes a 5 minute trip and makes it 30!

We had our sprinkler system turned on today. Bill came home early so I could head to CASA. He mowed the grass while I was out. Looks nice.

Well I guess I will try to do a few things and watch some TV before going to bed. Hope you are all well!

Mama Out!!!!!

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