Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I am still hot here. The house is like an oven and I can't stand it.

Yesterday we stayed in all day since we had things to do and evening plans. Our babysitter for Ping arrived at 5:00 pm and we were out the door by 5:20 pm. I was hosting a little dinner party at O'Connors restaurant for Bill since he graduated this past Thursday. We had a nice private room in the back with one waitress for our entire party. There was only nine of us, but it was perfect. All of our favorite people were there. It was Bill, me, Anita, Joe, Meri, Sarah, Brad, Donna and Brad. We had a few appetizers and then dinner. Bill opened presents before we ate because he was so excited! Our friends were so very generous. Donna and Brad gave him an awesome gift card to Bob's Stores. He has been wanting to get some stuff there. Sarah and Brad sent that huge fortune cookie and gave him money which he always loves. Anita gave him a bag with marshmellows, a chocolate bar, skewers and graham crackers. He snidely said to me "Hey, I can use these over the stove since I don't have a fire pit. What he didn't know is that the fire pit was in Anita's car. So she told him and of course he had a huge smile!!!! Joe and Meri got him a two tone colored watch with the chronograph dials. He has been wanting a nice watch for awhile. Needless to say, he was thrilled. Meri also got Bill a few graduation balloons and a little dog you can sign. It was adorable! He was so happy with everything he got. I am so grateful our friends were able to be with us, this was just the icing on the cake! The evening went way too fast as usual. Everyone went home with the exception of Anita. She came back with us and rode with me to drop of Ping's babysitter and then hung out and chatted till 1:00 am. Bill also took the fire pit out of her truck. She was sick of carrying it all over the place. I can't say I blamed her. It was a great night.

Today I got up early because my friend Audra called to see if I wanted to have a play date. I so did, but had plans to get a few things done here and some errands, so I wasn't able to go out. Bill went to the cemetery and made sure the flowers and stone looked nice. We cleaned the garage a little. We went to Bob's Store so Bill could get some sandals and flip flops. Bill put the fire pit together. We just went all day long. Bill and Ping have been upstairs for hours now.

Ping cracks me up almost every day with what she says or does. Her latest thing is saying "What?" It's so annoying. She can hear us fine. I know it's a stage, but I have to repeat everything now. It was so cute this morning. Ping loves to have Bill hoist her up and dangle her over him. She loves to act like she is an airplane, etc. After playing for 10 minutes or so, she says to Bill "Daddy, are you okay?" It was hysterical. Clearly she knew she was making him get his exercise. One doesn't need a gym when one has Ping!!!! During all this, she had to hold onto her special wand. She kept pointing to me, flipping her wrist and saying "Mommy, you are now a froggy!!!!!!" Sweet, no? I said "Can't I be a Queen?" She said "No way." So I told her she couldn't go on the BIG GIANT BOAT vacation. She says to me "No Mommy, you no go on BIG GIANT BOAT, just Daddy and me go." Bill got a good laugh out of that one since I booked the plans and paid for them! Ping has been wanting to go on the BIG GIANT BOAT for a long time now. She was crying a few weeks ago. She wouldn't stop. I tried to explain making a reservation to her, but she wasn't getting it. So I told her we had to wait our turn. So now she has it in her precious head that we are the "winners" that get to go. She thinks we won a trip! Bill and I get a kick out of that. She will eventually get it. For now she keeps walking around and saying "Is it our turn? We are the winners!!!!!!" So cute. When we went to Bob's today, she was walking around in all the men's shoes. She was quiet comical. She also kept saying "Are these shoes for the BIG GIANT BOAT?" That is what she calls our vacation. Just yesterday she saw a commercial for the cruise and she said while jumping around like a crazy person "Mommy, it's our boat!!!!!" An hour later, we were in the family room doing something and the commercial came on again. She said "Mommy, look at that boat, that is your boat. Daddy and I go on the other boat on the other TV. LOL. So she thinks because we were in different rooms, they are different boats. Like I said, she is adorable. She never ceases to amaze me. She always apologizes if she drops something and will say "Sorry Mommy, I'm sorry." She does the same with Bill. We always tell her it's fine. I love when she uses her manners though!

Well that is about it for now. I have to get up very early, so I am off to bed. Enjoy your long weekend!

Mama Out!!!!!

Opening gifts.

Smores ingredients.

New watch excitement.

Donna and Brad.

Sarah and Brad.

Meri and Joe.


Autographed dog.


Sarah and Brad.


Me and Anita.

Bill laughing at singing card.

Bill again.

Ping showing ring from Ayi Sarah.

Fire pit.

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