Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another rainy day!

The sun did finally come out at 3:00 pm. I hear tomorrow we are going to get rain too. Ping just keeps singing the song "Rain rain go away....." I have told her that we want to the rain to go away, but we don't because we need the rain for the grass and flowers to grow. Talk about conflicting information!!!

Ping had a great day at school and I had a great time at swim. We came back here after school because I wanted to empty the dishwasher, clean the kitchen and put in my Tastefully Simple orders from last night before I had to leave at 3:00 pm for CASA. I dropped Ping off at Bill's work, so that he could watch Ping. Bill does most of the mask fit testing at his work. It's more important than ever due to the Swine flue, so he is busy working later than usual. Unfortunately, when I scheduled to train for CASA, this wasn't an issue. He would be home in time for me to head off to training. Swine flu had not surfaced yet as I booked this training time 2 months or so ago. So juggling my training and his work has been hard. I committed to CASA though, so I can't quit. I am enjoying it and have no desire to quit. One day Meri babysat for a few hours so Bill could do what he needed to do and I could do what I needed to do. Today I packed Ping with snacks and coloring books and dropped her off to Daddy. Not ideal, but sometimes you have to do it. She was thrilled. She loves going into the hospital with him. She could barely contain her excitement today! Only two training sessions to go. Wahoo!!!!!

Well off to bed, it's much later than I would like.

Mama Out!!!!

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