Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh Happy Days!!!!!!

It was beautiful out today. Unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy it much. I had my final CASA training tonight and so I had to get some stuff done before heading there. After school, we came home so I could make a few calls. Ping did an excellent job on her puzzles. The minute we walked in, she was begging to get her puzzles in the closet.

Bill came home and I flew off to CASA. I am glad the training is over. However, the training was great. It certainly wasn't boring. Now I wait to go back at the end of May to watch a mock trial. That should be interesting. I am also now available for a case.

I got home kind of late, so I was only able to give Ping a kiss before she had to dash off to bed. She fell asleep fairly easily. Must be because she was up early today. I have no idea why she got up early, but I got up when the alarm went off and I found my closet door closed and noises coming from it. So I gently opened the door and Ping was standing there in my high school cap and gown and my high heels! She couldn't stop laughing. Neither could I. She was so cute. I just wish I had my camera at the time.

Tonight was a nice quiet night. I got to watch an older movie that I have sort of been wanting to watch. Now it's time to wake up the sleeping hubby and head upstairs. Lord knows what I am going to find when I wake up tomorrow.

Mama Out!!!!!

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