Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away....

Yesterday wasn't too bad, but today it rained non-stop.

Ping had school yesterday and I went swimming. We then stayed home because I had CASA training last night. Ayi Meri had to babysit because Bill had to work late. He also had to pick up his cap and gown for his upcoming graduation.

This morning I wasn't going to swim because I had a 9 am appt. I had to cancel it though. I woke up in the worst pain. My stomach was a mess. I want to say it was trapped gas. I have had this before. I had it after I had a Diet Coke a few months ago. I think it was the carbonation that did it to me. I didn't have anything last night that would bring this on, but apparantely something did. I thought if I did a little walking and stretching, I would be fine. It didn't get better. I had Ping get dressed and then we came downstairs. I told her to brush her teeth and comb her hair because I started sweating profusely and got very dizzy. I needed to sit down and get a grip. I did get her to school, but I was in a lot of pain and breathing shallow breaths because of the pain. I came home and cancelled my appoointment as there was no way I could get to it. I took some medication and crawled into bed for an hour. When I got up, I felt better. I went and got Ping and we did a couple of local errands. I had a ton to do, but even though I was feeling better, I wasn't at the top of my game. We came home and laid very low. I had a Tastefully Simple party at 7 pm and I couldn't very well be sick for it.

Bill came home and loaded up the truck for me and off I went. The party was fine. I was a little perturbed with one lady who wanted to chat all night and hold onto her order. Nobody has to order, but if you are going to, put your damn margarita down and place your order. You can chat for hours later. I want to get home!!!!! She did this twice to me. When I was going around and collecting stuff so that I wouldn't leave it behind, I said "Is this yours?" She said "Yes, and I am going to place an order." I said "Great, didn't want to take it from you if you were holding onto it." She said "I will eventually get to you when I finish talking." So I waited and waited and waited some more. I was just about to approach her and tell her I was leaving when I decided to go to the hostess to ask her if she thought everyone was all set. I then told her about the one woman. Thankfully, she told this woman that I was getting ready to head out. I didn't care about the damn order. To be honest, I thought it was rude and disrespectful. You know the consultant is there and only there for the orders. I am not there as a friend. Take care of business and then sit and enjoy yourself. I finally said to myself "I don't deserve to sit here one more moment waiting for her." After all that, she ordered two things. Not that I am not grateful, but I sat there for one full hour waiting on just her. All in all, the evening was fine. It just amazes me sometimes how people are at these parties. I have met some of the most wonderful people and then I have also met some of the most rude. I guess that is life!

I came home with a splitting headache. Bill had just come downstairs because I had called on the cell and told him I was heading home, the living room was a disaster, trash wasn't done and dinner wasn't even a mere thought. To say I was unhappy would be the understatement of the night. I strive every day to have this home looking clean, especially when Bill comes home. I just thought it was rude for him to leave the place a mess. It would have taken five minutes to clean it up! It was made worse when I asked him why there was a mess and he told me that he left it for me! Ping knows to clean up before bed, so I am not sure why that didn't happen. I just feel like I should be able to come home to a house that isn't a disaster. Maybe I wouldn't have cared as much if I hadn't felt awful all day and it didn't take me twice as long to clean everything up.

Well time to hit the hay. Bill had a call around 2:00 am last night and it blew me out of bed because it was so loud. I hope tonight goes better!

Mama Out!!!!!!

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