Friday, April 10, 2009

Another week has come to a close

It's been a busy day. I am heading to bed in the next five. Just wanted to catch up here quickly before dashing off to sleep.

Took Ping to play at the Tumblebus today. She had a great time. It's a bus that has been converted into a play place. You let your child/children in for 30 minutes. It's just enough time for them. A mom from a few towns over was having it parked at her house from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm. I reserved a space for her at 4:00 pm. We got there early. Unfortunately, there were too many kids at the 4:00 pm, so we waited till the 4:30 pm time slot. Ping played with the toys in the front of the yard while she waited for her turn, so it passed by quickly for her.

Ping was a crazy lady today because she went to bed late last night. 8:00 pm could not come fast enough for either of us. Bill and I were both going nuts with her antic. Bill was trying to clean the fur off one of the beds and Ping decided to lay in the middle of it just so she could be a pest. She was just overtired and that was how she was acting out. How come she can't stare at the wall or the TV in a coma like the rest of us do? LOL.

Have a very Happy Easter and Passover my friends,

Mama Out!!!!!!

The Tumblebus.

Climbing the rock wall in the back.

Bouncing on the trampoline.

Rolling over the barrel.

Playing with the parachute.

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Christina said...

What a clever idea! I'm glad Ping had a good time with it, too.