Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sleeping at the wheel

Totally forgot to blog last night. Must have been because it was a fairly dull day. We stayed home in the afternoon until Bill came home at 4:00 pm. When he got home, I went to a doctors appointment. I saw a Gastrologist yesterday. I have had a lot of stomach issues over the past year. I have always had a sensitive stomach actually, so I finally decided to look into it. Mainly because I was having a lot of pain, but I solved that issue back in March when I stopped taking aspirin!

I believe I have IBS and also an issue with dairy. I don't always have an issue with dairy, but regardless, I have one. The doctor recommended having blood work and an ultrasound of my gallbladder. I had the blood work yesterday. Not sure when I will go for the ultrasound. I am waiting on a call from them.

As I said before, I have always had stomach issues. I think it's IBS and she said she felt that I probably suffered from that as well. A lot of it can be brought on by dairy. However, it's brought on by other things as well, like grease from mayonaise or Chinese food.

I went to see the doctor mainly because a little over a year ago, I was getting incredible pain in my stomach and it would radiate to my back. It would happen every other month or so. It would happen at night and it would last a few hours. It was awful. It would eventually pass. I thought it might be an ulcer due to taking too much Advil. I am also someone who has always suffered from headaches. Not a big deal. I have had them since 7th grade or so. Some people have these headaches that are more than 15 times a month. Forgot the name of them, but that is what I have. Anyway, I was always starting my morning off with a cocktail of Advil. I switched to Advil after I heard that you can have liver issues with Tylenol! Well I believe the Advil did me in and started causing an ulcer. This is my speculation mind you! The last attack was in May of last year and it lasted for around 6 hours. I couldn't take the pain and went to the ER. Everything they gave me was useless. They didn't see anything on an X-Ray, but given my history, thought it was the Advil too. So they gave me some Protonix for my stomach and off I went. For the most part, this has really taken care of the issue. The reason why I also thought it was an ulcer is because I was gagging every morning. I figured it was because my stomach was empty. Forgot to mention this to the doctor yesterday! Oops. Anyway, I thought I was all set with the prescription for Protonix. Well a short time ago, my primary care put me on aspirin to guard against any heart issues. I can't take aspirin, but was told if I got a coated one, I would be okay. So I did. I took it with no issues. Well it seems that the Protonix was probably taking care of the problem, but at some point it looks like it stopped. I was really suffering with burning pain and I generally had an upset stomach for a few months. Finally on March 9th, I decided to stop taking the aspirin to see if that was it. Well since then, my stomach has been fantastic. Clearly it was the aspirin. It finally caught up with me.

I was going to cancel the appointment, but decided to go just to confirm my thoughts on what was going on. The doctor felt that I probably did have an ulcer brought on by my Advil use and then the aspirin use brought it back on. However, she feels that I could also have a gallbladder issue. What do I know, she is the doctor! So I am waiting to hear if my gallbladder is giving me issues. I guess you can have a gallbladder attack every so often. It doesn't need to be constant. I pray it's not a gallbladder issue at all.

That was basically the entire evening. Bill got Chinese food for dinner and it was horrendous. I am not a fan of this Chinese place. I got something different, thinking I would be happy. I wasn't. So incredibly greasy. I just felt like I was making myself sick with what I was eating. Sure enough, I paid the price today!!!!

I knew when I got up this morning that my stomach was unhappy. However, I am fairly used to it, so I plodded on. I dropped Ping at school and went to swim. That went fine. I picked her up and then headed to the dentist for a cleaning. After getting my teeth cleaned I decided to do one errand. Ping would not stop looking at everything. She had to touch everything as well. Well my stomach flipped and I knew I was in trouble. So off to the bathroom went a dragged through the aisles Ping. I kept getting "Mama, I was just looking." How do you tell your child to move their butt???? I finally said that I had to go to the bathroom and that she didn't want me to go in my Pull Up, did she? Drastic measures I tell you. Of course she had to go as well. As I mentioned before, she is so sensitive in public restrooms. The woman next to us could barly move without Ping saying "what is that noise Mama?" The toilet paper spinning, the shoes on the tile, the flushing, the door opening, the water being turned on, the soap pump being worked, the towels being pulled were all cause for questions. It was maddening. I just prayed she didn't say anything inappropriate. I kept trying to talk about different stuff, but the woman in the next stall wouldn't stop moving. I was getting so fed up, I nearly yelled to the lady to sit down on the toilet and to stop breathing so I could get my kid out of there!!!!!! All this for a small freaking bag of rhinestones that aren't even right for what I need them for. GRRRRRRR! Then we had to stand in line for eons it seemed. Then when it was our turn, Ping didn't want to listen and she had the bloody product in her hands. I kept saying "Ping, come here please." I finally had to grab the item from her since there were 5 or so people behind me. Then she had a fit. So then we headed out to the car and she wouldn't hold my hand. So I took her treat away and she screamed and cried bloody murder!!!! What a pain in the butt. By the time I left, I was at the end of my rope. She was just being so difficult. Shouldn't there be a switch for their personality????? I swear it's worse because people look at you like you shouldn't be frustrated. After all, she is ADOPTED!!!!! For those who have adopted, you most definitely know what I mean. This is a very wanted and longed for child. How can one possibly get frustrated with them?

Well the rest of the day went fine. We were home. Bill went to the gym, so he got home extra late. He and Ping went shopping for food, so she went to bed late. I hope she is not unhappy tomorrow because she is overtired.

Well that is really it for now. Hope you are well!

Mama Out!!!!!


Kim said...

My MIL had IBS for years and it just kept getting worse. She was finally diagnosed with gluten intolerance, changed her diet, and has not had any more stomach issues. Yours could be dairy as it sounds just like my MIL.

A suggestion for Ping touching things in the store: My DH was brought up with the saying "This is a hands in pocket store. No touching." We have done that with Sheridan and it works like a charm. If he needs a little reminder all we have to say is 'hands in pockets' and he only looks with his eyes.

Have a great day!

Christina said...

LOL, yes, you have been blessed twenty times over with a beautiful adopted child. No more complaining from you, EVER! ;)

I know I shouldn't have, but I laughed all through the restroom story. I have awful stage fright in bathrooms and have wanted to yell at people myself to stop playing at the counter and get OUT so I can go already!

Hope you can get your health issues straightened out. My mom gets gallbladders issues, but she basically has just learned what to avoid--she's not had to have surgery or anything. I'll be thinking of you!