Thursday, April 2, 2009


I didn't sleep well at all last night. I was miserable. My nose dripped all night long. When I got up this morning, I showed Bill. He thought my face was covered in cold sores. It wasn't, it was junk from my nose. Sorry, don't mean to be gross. I took a shower and took Ping to school. I came straight home. I was too sick for swim. I called my doctors office 1 minute after they opened and begged them to get me in today. They gave me a 1:30 pm appt. I hate to drive an hour there and back, but I had too. I swear if they didn't fit me in, I was going to go to the ER. I felt like I had literally been shot in the face. Especially the right cheek.

I picked up the Pingster and we came home and changed her into new clothes. The poor baby had an accident at school and was in a change of clothes that they have at the school. So we put her in a dress she wanted to wear and headed to see my doctor. Ping was a mad woman in the office. It's so embarrassing when your child is all over the map and touching stuff and you are trying to have a conversation with your doctor and watch your child at the same time. She crawled up on the table, and flung her arms around me. She was taking medical gloves. She was rolling back and forth against the wall. She also was trying to get on the swiveling chair the doctor sits on. Oy Vey!

We headed home, but stopped at Whole foods for refridgerated Probiotics. Hopefully that will help me with my stomach issues. We then went to CVS for antibiotics and Guifanex to clear my sinuses. I am already feeling much better. Hard to believe!!!!! My face feels like it's 100 degrees though.

I spent the evening watching ER from 8-11. I am sad to see the program go!


Mama Out!!!!!

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