Saturday, April 18, 2009

The week is over and it's vacation time for Ping!

Yesterday was a crazy day, so I didn't get around to posting. Seems like I have been having that issue all week long!!!!

I didn't have swimming because I had a gallbladder ultrasound. That went well. I won't know the results till next week though. After I left there, I dropped some donated items off at a place in Worcester and then went to get Ping. We came home after because we had plans for the night.

At an adoption Christmas party in 2007, I won tickets to go to the Newport Playhouse in Newport, RI. Ping's social worker works there as a drummer. She is lucky enough during the holidays to get tickets for two to attend. I was thrilled when we won. We have been dying to use the tickets, but Ping came home shortly after we won them and we have been so busy since.

I finally made reservations for us to go in December, but an ice storm canceled that plan. So I rescheduled for April 17th. Bill came home early from work because we needed to drop Ping off at a friends house and she is an hour away. Unfortunately, at the last minute, we had to change plans. We were not able to drop Ping off at a friend's house, so I called our social worker in a panic and told her we could probably not make it. She offered her daughter and mother as babysitters at her house. I was so unbelievably grateful. I know them both and they are wonderful. I felt awful though. So I called Ayi Meri, but she has been suffering with allergies and after talking to her, I knew I couldn't leave Ping there. So I called our social worker back and told her we were in the car and on our way! It worked out perfectly. Ping had a fabulous time and was entertained beautifully by our social worker's mom and daughter. She was there of course as was her husband. She didn't have to be to the theater till 10ish, so she was home most of the time. I had a feeling Ping would have a lot of fun being fussed over.

We had a wonderful time. We had a buffet dinner and then we went into another room for the show called "Butterflies are Free." We then moved back into the original room we were in and watched Caberet. We haven't been out alone in a long time. We had a lot of laughs!!!! After the show, we followed our social worker back to her house to pick up Ping. We were told that Ping was well behaved. That is so important to me. Nobody wants to watch another person's child and have them be miserable, right???? So we put Ping in the car and came home. I didn't go to bed until after 2:00 am.

Ping was not a happy girl today. She was overtired. An aunt of mine unexpectedly dropped by. She had her sister with her. Ping told them several times that she did not like them. Talk about embarrassing. Ping was just not a good girl today. We all have our days, right? We stayed home today. I wanted to move some furniture around and do some cleaning. Bill took Ping to the store with him to get some stuff, but other than that, we have been home! It was a little rainy out today, so Ping wasn't able to play in the yard with Daddy. Tomorrow may be better. We have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow around here. I am going to work on cleaning the garage I hope.

Well I am off for now.


Mama Out!!!!!

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