Tuesday, April 28, 2009

93 Degrees today!!!!

Too hot too quick for me!

Today was a stressful day. After swim and school, the two of us came back to the house to wait for Bill. He was picking me up at 12:00 pm because I had a test I needed to have at a local hospital. He calls me at 10 of 12:00 to tell me that the car died as he turned up our street. Talk about stress. It wouldn't start again, so Bill was trying to park it on the main road when a tow truck from a local shop went by. The tow truck turned around and offered to tow it. So Bill sent off the car and walked up the street. Meanwhile I was trying to get Ping to hurry up and finish eating. We finally took off for my appointment. Bill informs me on the drive that he has to go back to work for a while. Well I couldn't have him take Ping with him because of some of the stuff he needed to do, so I had to desperately call Meri and ask her to watch Ping for the afternoon. Bill dropped me off and then took Ping to Meri. Thank god for her. Thanks Meri!!!!

Bill called me around 3:15 pm to see if I was done. I was just finishing up, so he came to get me and then had to go back to work. He was only going to be there for a short while supposedly. WRONG! Ping and I sat there for 45 minutes without the a/c on in 93 degree weather. She bawled the entire time because she wanted to go with Daddy and he couldn't take her. Then she said she had to go to the bathroom. I finally called Bill crying after 45 minutes. I couldn't take it anymore. I had not eaten or had anything to drink all day due to the test. Ping was screaming hysterically and telling me she didn't like me, then she had to go to the bathroom and I was stuck in the parking lot. I was at my wit's end and I was pissed as well!!!! Bill finally came out to the car and grabbed Ping and brought her back in for the bathroom. We then headed for home. I was zonked from the heat and Ping was crabby. Then Bill had to go to the Fire Department tonight. The day just never really got any easier. I put her in bed, read a book to her, sang to her and watched her pass out before 9:00 pm. I then watched a movie.

The test I had was less than fun. They ran a radioactive fluid through me to see if it showed up in my gallbladder. Then they ran another drug through me to see the gallbladder contract. That is if they can find your gallbladder. Mine finally showed up, but not for quite some time. It was a 2 1/2 hour test. All you do is lay on your back the entire time on a table that is hard and very small. I didn't know how I could stand another minute. My back was absolutely sending me through the roof. It took me awhile to get the kinks out. All in all, it wasn't fun, but it wasn't bad. The second drug can make you quite nauseous, but I didn't get it badly. I was grateful for that. Glad it's over and now I wait for the results. Wish me luck!!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!!

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