Saturday, April 4, 2009

Loads of fun today.

First I should update what we did yesterday. Ping went to school and I went to swim. I wasn't going to go to swim because I didn't sleep at all the night before and I was out of bed at 6 am in absolute agony from my sinus infection. However, I thought it would take my mind of of the pain. Wrong! I came home and showered and skillfully got our cat Sasha in a cat carrier. I was so pleased with myself. I had called the vet at 8 am and begged them to fit Sasha in immediately because she had a big accumulation of fur and poop attached to her bum. Poor baby. I knew she was walking funny and acting funny. Bill thought I was crazy. I know my girls. I always have. Someday he may just trust me!

Bill picked Sasha up on Thursday night as we were going to bed and when he flipped her over he discovered a golf ball sized lump attached to her. He thought I could get it off, but I was unable to. So I knew in the morning, I had to call first thing. They fit us in for 11:40. Getting Sasha in a carrier is no small feat, so I had to strategically figure it out. She was sleeping under the comforter in one of our rooms. I carried the cat carrier very quietly up to one of our bathrooms and stood it on it's head. I walked into the room where Sasha was and gently spoke to her, swooped her up and walked into the bathroom with her. I was so proud of myself. I picked up the carrier and nearly threw out my back. She is a big girl. I carried the carrier down the stairs and all of a sudden there was a major weight shift. Well she was coming out the other end of the carrier. The snaps were not on correctly!!! So I ushered her into my office, put her on my chair and held her down for a minute. I caught my breath, put the cage to the chair and she crawled into it. I was shocked. I then put it down and put my feet on it until I could clamp down on it hard. If that happened outside, the consequences could have been absolutely awful. I was lucky. She did manage to dig two claws into my wrist from which I was now bleeding. I picked up the carrier and headed for the garage. When I picked up Ping, I told her Sasha was in the car. Pretty soon we were both telling Sasha that it was okay. Ping wanted to know why we were taking her to the vet. I delicately tried to explain. She repeated back to me that basically Sasha had poop stuck in her butt and we were going to take care of her and then we were going to go home and have chicken fingers. God she cracks me up!

In the vets, Ping had to use the ladies room. Juggling a kid and a cat while waiting to be called sucks!!!!!!!! So I put the carrier on the wide ledge next to me and had Ping leave the door open a crack. Mind you while Ping was using the bathroom, I had to hug her. I always have to hug her really close when she uses a public toilet. She has been deathly afraid of them since January when someone flushed a toilet that was broken and it was so loud it shook the stall. Well she finished what she was doing while I was in the doorway because I had to watch Sasha and my purse too. What a pain in the butt. Just as Ping was heading out, the tech came and got Sasha. So we sat down and waited. We spoke to a really nice woman who thought Ping was adorable. She wanted to know where she was from and if we knew her biological parents. When I told this woman that our daughter was abandoned at the gate of an orphanage, she literally gasped. She nearly cried. She just couldn't comprehend that someone could do that. I explained to her that we will never know why, but that the Cleft Palate that Ping had may have made them fearful. It doesn't matter what the reason is to me. We are grateful because she is now our precious one.

We left the vet and headed to CVS to pick up a bolus of meds that my doctor said she would call in for me if by the next day I wasn't better. Well I woke up at 6 am feeling awful like I said earlier, so on my way to swim I called the doctors office. So now I am on three drugs.

We didn't have much left of the afternoon because we were expecting a social worker to come at 4 pm to ask some questions regarding adopting from the state. Ping wasn't well behaved when this woman showed up! What a surprise, no? At one point, I had to discipline Ping and I said "we will finish this later." I mean, I wasn't going to keep the social worker there waiting on me. However, she told me to finish it. Nothing like having someone watch how you are disciplining your child. A little unnerving needless to say! Anyway, the meeting went well.

At 6:15 pm we headed to Meri's house. We had dinner plans. Meri is now the big 40. I am right behind her. So we dropped off Ping to be watched by Joe's sister Sabrina and we headed out for dinner. Mayte, Meri's best friend flew in from Nevada. I thought that was beyond sweet of her. She is a really nice person. I wish she lived closer for Meri's sake. I enjoy her too though and think we could all have a lot of fun together. We took separate cars in case one of us had to leave or wanted to leave earlier than the other. Good thing because they forgot the cheesecake at the house and had to turn around. So Bill and I went to the restaurant and met with two of her girlfriends who were waiting for us. I will have to get a picture of all of us from Meri.

So Meri, Mayte and Joe came in and we all took a seat at the cooking table. It is a Japanese restaurant, so they cook in front of you. Bill got tuna and I got the chicken and steak combo. We all had a lot of fun. We then moved into the lounge area to hear the band. We didn't stay too long at that. I was very drugged just so I could tolerate the night!!!!! At least it was only 10 minutes away from home! We left for their house before 11 and got home around 12. We talked with Sabrina as to whether the kids behaved and then came home. She said they were good. That is a relief! Ping was asleep when we got there, so we were able to move her fairly easily to the car and then to the bed at home!

Needless to say that yesterday was a busy day!!!!!! When I got into bed, I prayed I would actually sleep for the night. I did fairly well, but did wake up early!

So this morning the phone rings at 8 am. Who the hell calls on a Saturday at 8 am????? It was Bill's dentist. They had a cancellation. Bill didn't even answer the phone. We had plans for the day. First order of business was breakfast for Ping. When I heard what she ate, I nearly fell over. Two eggs, a few strips of bacon, 2 pieces of American cheese and a banana!!!! We aren't feeding an empty pit, are we? She is not even four yet!!!!! It was funny because just yesterday Ping says to me "Mama, I love food, mmmm, mmmmm." No kidding! I try so hard to be careful with what she eats and the portions we give her. I don't want her to struggle like I do.

Sarah called around 10 am to chat for a few minutes about things. It was so good to hear from her. After we hung up, I jumped in the shower, checked emails and the three of us headed out the door. From 11 am - 1 am at a church in Westborough, they were having an Easter Egg Hunt. I wasn't really in the mood due to not being at the top of my game, but it was going to be 12:30 pm before we even got there, so I figured I could handle 40 minutes. There were 5,000 eggs on the front lawn. We got there in perfect time for the hunt. I can not begin to tell you how many people and children there. There were a lot of Asians as well. I was so temped to ask if they wanted to keep their entire brood. Figured that Bill would be appalled if I asked though! LOL.

For two hours you could have a hamburger or hot dog, chips and a slushy, you could bounce in the bounce house, do 4 different crafts and participate in the Easter Egg Hunt. Well by the time we got there, we couldn't do anything but wait for the Easter Egg Hunt to begin in 10 minutes. It was so bloody crowded!!!!! Bill had to park the car and be shuttled to where we were. He was allowed to drop off us, but he had to park quite a distance away. I have to say that I was very impressed with how the organizers did with this big event. First of all, it was free. They asked that you bring a canned good! We brought soup. That was it. They had members of the church shuttling people back in forth in their own minivans. They had signs to point you everywhere and they were not signs like someone wrote messily on a piece of cardboard. They had signs professionally done and it was in the same colors as the invitation/pdf file telling you of the event. The crafts were great. They had foam crosses that you could put glitter and cut outs on. They had plastic string that you could put beads on and make a necklace out of. There were other crafts like coloring and such too. They had the moon bounce as well. Bill went to get us some food and coffee for himself and instructed me to take her out to the Easter Egg Hunt. I didn't want to because I had a feeling it wasn't going to go well. It didn't. The big kids ran so fast and all over. Ping got like six eggs and that was with me getting 5 of them for her. They placed some eggs dangerously in some brush. I don't know who thought that was a good idea. However, a mom was willing to go in, so I said I would pull the brush apart for her. She freaking crawled in, got the eggs and gave them all to her children. I could have been getting more eggs with Ping, instead I was helping her. She didn't even give Ping ONE FREAKING EGG. I was pissed. Not even a thank you was muttered. I told Bill that I am sick and tired of being the sweet parent. There were kids walking away with 30 or so eggs. I was actually pretty appalled that parents thought that was acceptable. I know it's probably just me, but you don't get piggish just because it's freaking free. I told Bill that next time we have something like this, we are both going out there and kicking ass. There are all sorts of situations that I find myself in where I stand back so not to be hoggish and yet other parents are like pariahs and grab everything they can for their children. That just turns me off. I was raised better. This is my personal opinion though.

Meanwhile, we go back inside and Bill hands me a burger. It was the last one left. I told him to eat it. I like to sit and eat, I am not good at juggling a camera, pocketbook, egg carrying basket in all the wind and walking and eating. Not my idea of fun. He said he made it up with ketchup, mustard and relish and so he wouldn't eat it. So I did eat it. Just as well, I had 10 medications in me and no food! There was no more food. They packed it all up. There had to be a few thousands people there, so everyone was lucky they were fed. I did happen to see some people eating more than their fair share, but I won't go off on that tangent. We did get Ping a slushy and also into the bounce house. She was thrilled. She also got to go on the fire engine they had there. When we were done being outside, she made a necklace at the craft table and then they closed up shop and we got shuttled back to our car. It was a nice time, but next time, I am going with some sharp elbows!

Bill took me to A.C. Moore for rhinestones to fix something of mine. They didn't have what I needed. Good thing because the lines were atrocious. Everyone was out in full force. The lines were literally 15 people deep all accross the board. Must be because Easter is next weekend? We then went to Lowes and had lunch at the 5 cent and Diner. Lunch was awful. I left very unhappy. The bathroom was disgusting, I felt like I needed a shower after Ping used it and my BLT was made with pure clear fat bacon. When the waiter asked my opinion, I actually said it was pretty bad. I don't usually complain to the waiter, but it was an awful BLT. He said "oh sorry" and walked away. When I complained, Bill just rolled his eyes. He gets nervous because he hates confrontations. Like I was going to yell over my bad bacon???? I didn't say another thing. I had no intention to. It annoys me when he rolls his eyes like that. Why can't I say something? What is the big freaking deal with telling the truth? It's rare that I am unhappy like that.

We headed to Meri's after lunch because we forgot Ping's jacket over there and it was super windy today and she could have used the one we left last night!!!!!! I stayed in the car while Bill ran in. Meri's friend is here still and her parents are in from NY. I didn't want to bother anyone. They came out though because they have never met Ping. Of course Ping decided to act beastly all of a sudden. Not saying hello, no answering questions and putting the windows up. She was laughing, but still. It's not a great first impression if you ask me. I know she is a kid though and that is what they do sometimes. It's like yesterday when I asked her in front of the social worker if she understood what I was saying and she yelled "NO" at me when I was disciplining her. Just great!

We were not at Meri's long. We had to get home so we could change Ping into her traditional outfit because we had plans to go to WPI Dragon Night. The students that run the Dumpling group that we attend every other month or so invited us to go and paid for our attendance. They are just wonderful. So that was 6 pm - 9 pm. I figured Ping could wear her traditional outfit since she doesn't get to do so often. We got there around 6:30 pm and sat at one of the round tables reserved for the Dumpling families. We had a wonderful time. They had wonderful performers that did the Lion dance and the Fan dance. They had some students who play traditional Chinese instruments and they had a few singers. They also had a cute fashion show. I have to say that I haven't laughed as hard as I did tonight in a long time. Ping would not and could not stop dancing to every single song, instrument or dance performance. Some of the other Dumpling girls got a kick out of her. Ping was one out of the two youngest ones there. The other little one didn't make a move. Ping was all over the map. We kept getting comments that she was the real performance! The last dance was Tai Chi I think. Not sure, but it was a male student and there was a lot of stomping and hmphing noises. It's part of the dance. Before I knew it, Ping was stomping and hmphing. I nearly had to leave. I was so embarrassed. I was holding my breath and putting my hand over my mouth. Ping was absolutely hysterical. She mimicked everything he did. A lot of people said we should have put her on the stage. I would never do that. I wish I got a video of it. Bill was a mess laughing too. I hope the student didn't think we were laughing at all at what he was doing! Not that we were paying one ounce of attention to him!!!!!

We left at 9 pm and came home. Bill read to Ping and I played around trying to upload some pictures and some videos. Still working on that. I watched a movie from 11 pm - 1 am and I have been sitting her blogging since 1 am. Now it's 2:20 am and I am beyond achy. I don't know why I made this post so long and detailed!!!!!! Anyway, I can't post this till I upload pictures and I will do that tomorrow. I need to reread this too!!!! I am tired and need to get the hubby off the couch though, so I will finish this in the morning!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend like we have so far. The only disappointing part of the weekend is we had to cancel plans with friends. We were going to meet them and go out, but because I wasn't feeling well, I decided to stay local.

Mama Out!!!!!

The girls. Jill, Meri standing. Mayte, Debbie and Cindy from left to right sitting in chairs.

Left to right is Bill, Jill, Joe, Mayte, Meri, Debbie, Cindy and Chad.

Flaming onion volcano.

The handsome couple. Yeah, sure.

Bounce House.

Fire engine seat in the back.

Fire dept. lieutenant.



Lunch with hat on sideways.

What is that face?

Lion dance.

Are they not cute?

Fan dance.

Ping stretching.


Fashion show.

Dancing and losing shirt.


Still dancing.

Dancing with Daddy's coat.

Dancing. Chao is in the background. He is wonderful. He was so nice to us while we were waiting for a child from China. We attended the Dumplings pre-Ping.

Some of the girls.

What is that move?

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What fun! I love seeing you and Bill, too. The photo of Ping on the stage with Bill trying to catch her is hilarious!