Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a busy day it has been

I woke up this morning to Ping running to my room with a box from Ayi Christina. She couldn't wait to open it. Inside was an awesome puzzle with a magnetic net to pick the pieces up, froggy boots, a froggy gardening bag, a froggy dirt digging rake and froggy sunglasses. She loved everything. It was funny watching her walk around in her pink Princess dress with the froggy boots on, the froggy sunglasses on and the froggy bag slung over her shoulder. Quite the fashion statement!

The mail also brought me the deed to two plots in the cemetery by our home. I purchased them from a family member. When my Dad passed away, my Mom bought 2 plots in a four person plot. A relative said they would buy two and my Mom could buy two. I suppose they did it to be comforting at the time of my Dad's death. However, a lot has passed since 1997 and I wanted to buy the two plots from them. So I offered them the current rate for the two plots and they agreed. I was thrilled. I know that sounds odd, but I didn't want them to be buried with my parents. If they had said no, I would have been devastated. It was hard for me to formally write a letter to them, but I did. Now that is over. It's been on my mind for many years. I was supposed to take care of it before my Mom passed away, but I had no idea she would get sick and die so young. I thought I had years before I had to address it. Not that I was going to take years. I kept meaning too, but it was painful so I put it off. Anyway, that chapter is closed.

I got a lot done today and yet I feel like it wasn't enough. I hate that feeling. I cleaned out a lot of stuff in my Mom's room. I neatened my Tastefully Simple stuff. I went through all of Ping's toys and threw away any junk and straightened them out in the big closet. I also cleaned out the closet it my Mother's bathroom. She has a great closet. We store our medications in there as well as a lot of other things. It was messy, so I took everything out, cleaned it and threw away a bunch of things. I put the other stuff back in neatly. Then it was after 8:00 pm.

I made one bracelet. I then filled up all of the Easter eggs for Ping and arranged her basket. Bill doesn't think I bought enough candy. How much does one child need? I bought two small bags of peanut M&M's and two small bags of Skittles. I put a few in each egg. I didn't need to buy big candy bags. I bought the ones at the registers as you are checking out. I also bought her a little bunny that rides a bike and in his hatch is jelly beans. I bought her two coloring books, two videos and a Princess bag with glasses and pretend lipstick. I thought I did fine! I asked Bill to hide the eggs so that I could sit and watch a movie. He did. I hated how he did it though. Too many in one spot, so I changed a bunch of them around. I have always said "If you wants something done right, you do it yourself." I ended up watching two movies tonight. Now it's after 2:00 am and I need to hit the sack. I don't think I will be witnessing the big egg hunt. I bet she will do it without us. I will give her the basket that I hid. I am not staying in bed, we have places to go.

Happy Easter my friends!

Mama Out!!!!!

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Christina said...

So glad to hear that you have a resolution to the cemetery issue. Ah, this life. It's much more complicated than we imagine, no?

Enjoy Easter with my, uh... with YOUR little Ping! XO