Monday, April 27, 2009

88 Degrees today. Has anyone seen where Spring went?

I can't get over how hot it was here today!!!!!

Ping had school today. It was good to be back into a routine. We both need routine in our lives. I was quite happy to head off to swim. It's been a week of no swimming and I really needed it. After I picked Ping up from school, we came home and she watched one of her new videos. I had a lot of desk work today, so I got some of that done. I had to leave at 3:00 pm to bring Ping to her Daddy so that he could keep her for the rest of the day. I started my CASA training tonight at 4:00 pm. I was there till 7:30 pm. The class was great, but it was on the 4th floor of an old restored warehouse and there was no a/c. They had all the windows open, the lights off and a fan on. I was lucky enough to be the one in front of the fan! I can only hope I am this lucky on Wednesday when I go back to training, although it will probably be much cooler then. We are touring the court house before the class that day. It's kind of funny because I will be at that court house twice on Wednesday. We finalize Ping's adoption that morning. I am looking forward to having that behind us. I am eager to get back Ping's Chinese documents. I also want to be done with agency visits and such. Now we can live our life without anyone else's involvment in regards to our darling daughter!!!!!

Uncle Joe came by to install a few door locks for us. Bill installed three, but didn't have the tools to install the other two because they were different doors than the rest. It's good to have that project behind us. I am most grateful for his help. Lucas was here and played with Ping. She was thrilled, but didn't go to bed until after 10:00 pm. That isn't good at all. She will be an unhappy little tot tomorrow. Bill put her to bed and I never saw him again. I am fairly used to the idea of him not returning, but I did tell him I was going to make dinner for myself and he said not to bother because he would be right back. Well it got to be too late to eat dinner. I was sort of disappointed in that since I didn't have lunch. Tomorrow I have to fast before a test I am having. Mind you, I am not starving, but would like to have something that resembles a lunch or dinner and not eat crackers all day!!!!

Time to head to bed. Take care.

Mama Out!!!!!

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