Thursday, April 23, 2009


Damn I am tired. I think I will head to bed a little early. I have to get up early anyway. I wonder if I will ever learn to go to bed early? I have a feeling I won't!!!

Yesterday wasn't a great day. I called about my ultrasound that I had on Friday and they have a few concerns. I have to go back on Tuesday for another test. The news threw me into a tizzy. I just sat here and stared at the computer shaking. I don't like to hear anything other than I am healthy as a horse. Well as healthy as I can be as a heavy woman!

I debated calling off my birthday on Saturday, but one way or another it's coming anyway. In the end, I didn't really see where I had a choice in that. The good thing is that I am having another birthday. I rather another than none!

It poured for most of the day. It wasn't pleasant to drive in, but I took Ping to a craft project that I signed her up for. So I drove 30 minutes there in the rain while she snoozed in the back seat. Man, I wish she could drive and I could snooze in the back seat. I don't want her to ever be old enough to drive though. So how does one settle that predicament? Well she loved the craft. She painted a plaster piece. She chose a kitty. She painted it pink and then purple! I am not good at these types of events. I had a feeling I wouldn't be. Ping is painting away and all I want to do is grab the paint brush out of her hands and smooth out the paint. I am such a perfectionist when it comes to certain things. This is one of them. So while the other mother's are looking at their children's projects and going "ohhh and ahhhhh" I am trying to restrain myself from leaping at the paint!!!!!! I have to say that at one point, I did try to smooth it out. I admit it, okay????? All Ping said was "Mama, I don't want your help." Meanwhile, the insides of me are screaming, "YES YOU DO!!!!!!!" I will work on this. I will also refrain from trying to get my child to pick out what I want her to paint. They had ONE ladybug. "Sweetie, don't you want the ladybug? No Mama, I want this. Oh but honey, you love ladybugs, look at how cute it is." I finally realized that I needed to get over it. Of course the child across from Ping chose it! I am hoping that I do better on this front in the future. The project was $7.00. The ladybug rain coat, boots and umbrella was way more than that. Oh yeah, had to get those things. After all, we had to pass them on the way out!!!!! They just try to lurk you into the store with a cheap craft project so you will buy something else, right? It's a ploy!!!! In all honesty, the girlie needed a rain coat. Bill has seen this rain coat and boots, etc. on others and I knew that he wanted them for Ping, so when I saw them I had to buy them! I had to get out of the store because it had to be at least 80 degrees in there. So we left right after buying the rain coat. We came home and I did a few things around here while Ping watched a video! I watched a movie that wasn't great and spoke with Anita who is away on a business trip. That finished up the night.

Today we stayed home all day. I started the day off with talking to Donna because a friend's mom passed away yesterday. She was such a wonderful woman. The last 10 years have not been good to her. She is finally at peace. I have a wake to go to on Sunday now.

I did a lot of cleaning around here after I showered. I had a lot of stuff that needed to find it's home, so I worked on that. I also got up the nerve to call the doctor about yesterdays results. I didn't feel like I got a great deal of info yesterday and felt that if the doctor could be more specific, I could live the next few days in better shape than I was yesterday. She did call me back and while she couldn't say anything for sure, they do think they see a stone in my gallbladder. That actually made me feel better. How odd is that???? I will know more next week.

Bill had a dentist appointment and came home a little earlier than usual. I was thrilled because I needed a million things done around here and I wanted his assistance. I then left for a hair appointment. I went to see Karen and got myself a nice cut and a glaze. It was nice to see her. It's been too long and we had some catching up to do!!!!! I got home late. I missed most of what was on TV, but that is not a big deal. I am now catching up here and going to bed.

See you another day.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Sophie loves Ping's bean bag. She only uses it if Ping is in bed though.

Hmmm, this is not a cat bed for a real cat. This is Snazzy Kitty's bed. I think I need to buy Sophie a bed!

Up close shot of Princess Sophie!

Plaster project.

Ping refuses to smile and look at me for a photo.

Daddy and Ping feeding the birdies.

Lovely ensemble up close. Sweatshirt, Princess dress, ladybug boots and blue hair bow.

Hmmm, she knows not to sit on my table. Hurricane Ping has been in the living room.

Princess or Chef? Can't be both, can you????? Only Ping.

Hi Grammy, it's me Ping. HELLO??????? She would not stop pretending to call Grammy, so we did call her. Sadly, she can't hear on the phone, so the play phone was no different than the real deal!

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