Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!!!!!

I know I am behind on my posts, but we have truly been very busy!

Easter Sunday:

Ping woke up and then woke Daddy up. They hunted around the house for Easter Eggs. When I got up, I showered and then gave Ping her Easter Basket from the Easter bunny. She was thrilled. She got two coloring books, 2 videos and a Princess purse that goes around her waist that came with fake lipstick, eye shadow and sunglasses. She also got a bunny that rides a bike and has jelly beans in an egg behind him. She had Skittles and peanut M&M's in her eggs. She was a happy girl. We immediately left after she looked through her basket. We went to the cemetery and put a card at my parent's headstone. We then went to Sarah and Brad's. Sarah and Brad requested to use the Community room at their condo. It's a great room with three tables that seat four people each. There are a few chairs and a couch. There is also a big TV and a kitchen. There are bathroom facilities as well. They put together a buffet of sandwiches, chips and mini quiches plus plenty of desserts. We had a wonderful time visiting with them and with their family. Ping was fairly well behaved. Sarah and Brad gave her some wonderful goodies. They gave her a cute pail that said Miss Ping on it. There was chocolate inside and a stuffed Easter duck. They also got her a two piece tiered Easter bunny that was filled with chocolate and spice drops, etc. Yummo. She was thrilled. Sarah bought me a book she wants to read. They are the best. I can't wait to read the book.

After visiting with them for several hours, we headed over to Ayi Anita's parents house. We sat and visited for an hour with Anita, her parents and her grandmother. Uncle Robo was there visiting as well, so it was so nice to get to see them both.

We then came straight home. We were exhausted!!!!


Ping had school and I had swimming. After I picked Ping up at school we went to my friend Christine's house. She has four beautiful children. Two of them play with Ping as they are six and three. They are Benjamin and Joshua and cute as buttons. We had lunch and then headed outside to play. They have a nice yard and have a trampoline we gave to them last year. Ping loves to go on the trampoline. They also have a swing set and another climbing piece of equipment. Unfortunately, shortly before leaving, Ping got hurt. We don't know what happened exactly. We were right there chatting and watching, but they had all gone down the slide and were in front of it. We could see them, but not completely from head to toe. All of a sudden, little Ben comes over and says that Ping is crying. We thought they were all just chatting and being loud as kids usually are. So we both ran to Ping. All I could do was hug her and assure her things would be okay. We asked what happened and she said that Joshua threw a rock at her. I am sure it was not intentional. They are such sweet kids. I am sure they were just playing and things got out of hand. Like I said, we were right there. It's not like stuff was being thrown back and forth!!!!! We then had to leave so we jumped in the car and headed to Walmart. I had a few things I needed to get, so I had to go. We were pretty wiped out. We headed home for the night after Walmart. Bill had work, then they gym and then the Masons, so he wasn't home till 11:00 pm. So I fed her and got her into bed. That is usually his routine. She usually is unhappy if it's me, but she was fine with it. We both passed out. I got back up within the hour and came downstairs to do some stuff and to watch a little TV.


Today I had a few errands to do. After I picked up Ping, we headed to AC Moore and Target. I wanted to get some sliders to we could move a piece of furniture without having to inconvenience a friend. We are okay with some pieces, but occasionally Bill needs help when I can't pick the piece up. We then had a quick return to make at AC Moore and then we had lunch with Jenn and Jillian and Sam. It was a spur of the moment thing. We were both looking for something for lunch and we were talking on our cells and decided to meet at a local place. I ordered a burger. Unfortunately, I found a hair in my burger and that ended that lunch. I couldn't stomach eating anything after that! I swear all we did at the place was take turns using the bathroom. Jenn would go in with her two and then I would go in with Ping. We did this twice!!!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent at home. We got home around 3:00 pm and I had to make a few calls. Bill came home around 5:00 pm, but he has already left for the Fire Department. There is training tonight. So I am putting Ping to bed. I might just pass out again. I am tired.

So that is basically it. I will upload some Easter photos now!

Hope you had a nice holiday!

Mama Out!!!!!

My new videos.

My new coloring books and bunny with jelly beans.

Brrr, it's cold outside.


Losing patience with Mama.

Posing with the Easter bunny.

In the car on the way to Sarah's.

Ayi Sarah and Ping.

Opening her Pringles from Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad.

Hanging with Daddy.

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Christina said...

Sounds like a fun time! I like Ping's striped dress!