Sunday, April 5, 2009

Got a lot done today

I woke up but fell back to sleep this morning. I got up shortly before 11 am. I could smell something burning. For some reason, Bill decided to let both ovens clean themselves by touching a little button. So the house had a terrible burn smell and was smokey. Not a good smell at any time, never mind in the morning. I took a shower and proceeded to do some work in Ping's room. I put all her dresses and skirts on new hangers. They are little white skinny ones and slide nicer than what I had. I need to pick up a few more packages because I wasn't able to hang everything up. Yesterday we bought Ping a new shoe rack to go in the upstairs hallway closet. When I walked into Ping's room, she had arranged all her shoes on the rack. So cute, but sort of a pain. She didn't know how I crazily wanted them sorted between Winter shoes and Summer shoes. It's annoying that we in New England have to have a lot of clothes so we can get through the seasons. I was imagining today as I was stuffing her Spring and Summer clothes into her drawers, that someone else in the world is enjoying their day because they have one wardrobe!!!! We have shorts, capri pants, pants, sandals, sneakers, shoes, heavy duty hats and light hats, Winter jackets, windbreakers, sweatshirts and sweaters. The list goes on. I have yet to take her Fall and Winter clothes out, so her drawers are very overstuffed. As soon as I clear those clothes, the old ones from last Summer and the new clothes she got a few weeks ago, will fit together comfortably. So I worked on her closet, her shoes and her drawers. I was going to do it alone, but Ping insisted!!!! Ping caught me with all her dresses on her bed. She walked into her room, put her hands over her cheeks and says "Oh nooooo, my dresses Mama." I told her I was making room for more by getting skinnier hangers. At that point, she couldn't help fast enough. She is a clothes horse!!!!! Somehow Daddy then got caught up in what we were doing. It was a family affair!

After taking care of her wardrobe, I paid bills. I went through the shore excursions for our trip. I am not done with that yet. That is taking forever. Most stuff you can't do with a child that is three. So I have to check every single excursion. Some ports have 52 or so excursions!!!!!! I made a huge dent in that. I learned how to upload some videos to Youtube. I learned how to put the Youtube videos I uploaded onto Facebook as well. I had a little assistance from Meri who has done it before. I also participated in a 90 minute Webinar given by Great Wall. They have opened three new adoption programs. Ethiopia, Rwanda and Mexico. As a Regional Office, I had to learn about those three countries in relation to adopting from them. It was really quite interesting. Ping went outside with Daddy because she could not stop and would not stop climbing all over me today. She wasn't listening to a word I had to say. She is very overtired from the weekend, so who can blame her. I was afraid I would miss the info if I had to finagle her and all her demands too. It was good for her to be outside. She visited with all the neighbors. She loves seeing them all.

Before I knew it, Bill was cooking dinner and I was doing a few more things on the computer. Ping went to bed at 8:30 pm, I watched a movie and now I am here updating. That is all for now. Time to get some rest. I am still far from feeling better which is a little shocking to me given the amount of medications I have been inhaling!!!!!

Hope you are well!

Mama Out!!!!

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