Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday fun!

Yesterday I was so tired, I didn't get around to posting! I dropped Ping off at school and came home to shower. I skipped swimming because I had a meeting at Ping's school for 10:15 am. It went really well. I sat down with Ping's wonderful teacher and two other women. Of course their names are totally escaping me at this moment!!!! Ping is doing really well. They are very pleased with her progress. Her English is great. She socializes well. Her fine motor skills are fantastic. The speech teacher feels that she is doing above average. I really could not walked out of there any happier. She is getting a wonderful education and the people who work at her school are absolutely fantastic. Ping has three teachers in her classroom and she truly loves all three of them. I am so very lucky she goes to a good school. I love that she goes five days a week too. It can be exhausting, but it is truly good for her. I had to laugh at one point because the speech teacher said she didn't know the word Firefighter. I just could not wait to tell Bill that one! You would think she would absolutely know that word. To be honest, I was a little surprised she didn't. However, twice she has been asked to identify a Firefighter figure and she has not been able to come up with the name! Oh well. The good news is that she is doing fantastic. I immediately called to tell Bill, but I had no luck reaching him. Then he called me, but I didn't hear the phone. The message he left was "How can she not know what Firefighter is?"

After the meeting, I was able to leave with Ping and we drove straight to Holliston to go to a place called Playtown Express. Ping played for three hours without stopping. She did stop to take a sip of a drink, but that was it. This place is fantastic. They have so many different things to play with. There are little houses like a school house and a boutique. They have various things inside them. Then there is a huge bouncy house. A huge crawling type thing you find at most McDonalds, a huge inflatable slide, a huge inflatable obstacle course, a square inflatable enclosed playplace with a little slide and animals and there were three little cars that went on a track. Ping wore a Princess dress the entire time and went on everything. She actually wanted to go home after three hours because she was so exhausted!!!!!

We came home and she watched a video while I caught up with emails and such. I then went for a pedicure. My nails looked awful! I watched a Lifetime movie, but passed out till 2:00 am. Guess I was tired! I finally crawled up to bed after cleaning up some and making some copies of Ping's adoption paperwork for court. We are finalizing her adoption in the US in 2 weeks.

Today we had another busy day. After school we headed to Gymboree to see if we could use some of our Gym bucks! We got a few items. I mostly wanted to get Ping a white sweater to go with her dresses for our vacation. In case the a/c is cold, I figured a little sweater would be good for her. We then got her a hot dog and a special drink with some chips. We came straight home after. Ping passed out in the car within minutes of leaving the mall. I think she was still tired from her day yesterday. She has been sneezing a lot today. I hope she is not getting another cold. She always starts with sneezing!!!! Maybe it's allergies?

I did a few things around her this afternoon and then at 5:30 pm we went to Ping's school. They had a Spring Open House so that we could see what the children have been working on. We were not there long. Luckily we only have one child I guess. I saw too many parents being dragged from room to room because they have four or five children. I guess it's the silver lining in having one child. However, we definitely want another and it can't happen soon enough. Ping asked to go out to dinner, but I told her we were eating at Daddy's diner. Bill made dinner and I picked up toys and cleaned a little. Those two are now in bed and I am getting caught up here. I will post a few photos now. They came out awful. I had to shut the flash off and when that happens, they often get blurry. Not sure why!

Can I just tell you that I put on a new shirt the other night. I had just gotten it in the mail. I wanted to see if I liked it on. Ping was laying on my bed watching me and waiting for me to read her a story. She says "oh Mommy, you are so beautiful." Sometimes I can not hug, kiss or love her enough.

Hope you are well!

Mama Out!!!!!

Blurry photo of Ping coming down the ramp.

Inflatable slide.

Bouncy house.

Cars on ramp.

Inflatable square ring.

Little houses.

Square climber.

Running around in a Princess dress.

Coming down the slide.

Look at me Mommy.

Smiling and sliding.

Ping in the school house.

Ping in the tool shop.

Swinging in the dress.

Pretending to sleep on the little slide.

Riding the duck.

Smiling in the big inflatable obstacle course!

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LoDog said...

aww, Jill...if you go to playtown express again, let me know. it is in hopkington and we go there a lot..the kids LOVE it!!! it is such a great place.

and she may have allergies, my husband and mother in law both, never had allergies, and i think they do now. it is the worst season...sneezing, itch throat, post nasal drip. good luck w/ that!