Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another late to bedtime post

It's okay, I had a long nap tonight.

I dragged Ping out for some errands today. She hates errands. She tells me this all the time. I can't help it, they need to be done. The post office, the cleaners, CVS for prescriptions, etc. don't deliver, so I have to go to them. She was pretty aggravated with me for most of the time. She also started to say that she was hungry. I don't know how that could be as I fed her pasta before we left the house. Ping asked if she could have what Daddy made for dinner last night. I jokingly said to her "Baby, don't you want Mama to whip up a special lunch for you?" I got "No Mama, you are not a cooker. You are a really, really good heater though." There we go again with her slamming my cooking skills. This child has me all figured out and it's very frustrating:)

When Daddy got home, we walked around the house looking at where the trees were cut down. I had someone here Monday cutting down a few dead trees from the horrible December storm we had. Ping and Daddy then went for a walk to the neighbors to drop something off for me. I kept wondering what was taking them so long, so I looked out the window. I didn't see them. I decided to sit in the chair. While there I passed out. They came back finally. I asked where they had been. The were at another neighbors making smores! I guess I should count my blessings that the house was quiet for a little while.

Well I am off to catch some sleep. Be well.

Mama Out!!!!!

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Fancy That! said...

OMG, Forget schlepping to CVS! Most health insurance providers offer RX by mail (you get 3 months at a time and save 1/3 of the cost)! You should try it. It's very convenient.