Friday, July 31, 2009

I could shoot myself 10 times over!!!!!

Tonight I was trying to clean up some email folders. I deleted a bunch of folders I needed. I am so upset with myself. I was literally saying "Step away from the computer Jill and let things be." UGH. I should have stuck to cleaning the house!

Ping asked me first thing this morning what our plans were. We have been going out daily, so she just assumed we had somewhere to go today. I told her we were staying home. She was sort of bummed out by that. Just as well as it literally poured for almost the entire day. Rain, drizzle and mist is okay. This was pouring! Who wants to be out in that?

I got a ton of phone calls made. I got a lot of work done at my desk also. I am really pleased because Ping and I cleaned out my armoire. It needed some major neatening. So I got a lot done and Ping was thrilled to help with some of it. We straightened out all of her hair bows. That literally took an hour!!!!!

Late this afternoon I asked Ping if I could have my ottoman so that I could sit comfortably and read a book for a little while. I figured I would read for 15 minutes until Bill got home. Well she was unwilling to part with my ottoman. She has a bean bag for TV watching. In the last few weeks though, she has taken my ottoman and pulled that up to the TV! So instead of insisting, I thought I would go to the family room to sit. Nope. Miss Sophie was sleeping comfortably on the couch. I get no respect!!!:) Needless to say, I begged Ping to sit with me so we could snuggle. She went for it. I do love snuggling with her. Bill came home shortly after and the two of them went out shopping.

I watched a show that was featuring some surgery I wanted to see and then I sat down at the computer to do a few things and that is when I started deleting. I am such a deleter!!!! When will I learn????

Well that is all for now. I hope you have a splendid weekend.

Mama Out!!!!!

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