Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend of birthday parties

Yesterday was Ava's birthday party. She is the daughter of Audra and Terry. We got up, went to the bank and went to the birthday party in Sutton. It was a lot of fun. Ping had a blast. There were 10 or so girls there. They all had a great time in the nice weather.

After the birthday party, we went to Target to return everything we had bought for the baby. I could not take looking at any of it. I wanted it out of the house as soon as possible. We then dropped some stuff off at Meri and Joe's. We had two more errands to do before we could head home.

Bill mowed the grass and I napped for a little while. I am wiped out from the week. Of course I stayed up super late since I napped.

Today I got up at 7:45 am. Little early for me on a Sunday. Ping was in bible school all week and they asked that we bring the children to church today so they could perform a few songs and then they could pick up the projects they made during the week. It was a tight squeeze since we had Ping's birthday party today, but we went. We had to be there at 9:30 am. I felt bad, but we rushed out of there. We went to the supermarket to pick up Ping's cake and some ice and then headed to Create a Cookie Clubhouse for her party. We got there really early, but that was okay. I wanted to be there so I could set up. It was a small party. Just a few very close friends. Had about 20-25 people. We made cookies, ate some pizza and cake and then we opened up presents. Ping got some awesome stuff. She was thrilled.

After the party, Anita and Donna came back to the house for a little while. I was tempted to nap for a few minutes after they left, but I plugged on and actually got a bunch of stuff done. Tonight I watched a bit of TV and now here I am.

I am going to go and add a few photos now. Hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!!!!!

Sophie sleeping on Kaylee's blankets.

Shayla making a crown at Ava's party.

In the pool.

Cake and ice cream. Yum.


Birthday girl ready to party.

Sweet girl.

Happy baby.


Cookie place. Cookie cutters and tables.

Place for kids to draw.

If you want your picture on a cookie. Bill was just sitting there.


Armig and Noushig.

Nicole, Donna and Michael.


Anita making cookies.

Anita's cookies going to be baked.


Bill and Anita.



Berj, Marghrit and twins Armig and Noushig.

Audra and Ava.

Mindy in the back.

Ready to open presents.

First gift. Here we go.

Cookies ready to go home.

Neesha loves Anita.

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