Friday, July 17, 2009

Wednesday to Friday

It's been one hell of a week. Wednesday was Ping's 4th birthday. Unbelievable. My girl is getting older every day. I just want to freeze time!!!!

I got Ping and Kaylee up and took Ping to Vacation Bible School. I then went home because I was expecting an investigator for Kaylee. This is apparantely standard practice. The woman was really nice and we had a great chat. After picking Ping up at noon, the three of us headed to Leominster to see Kaylee's parents. Kaylee's social worker was in court and called me in a panic. She was supposed to pick up K at 12:15 pm. So I told her I would take her over there and she could meet me there. It was really pretty stressful as the call came in at 11:45 am. I was in the middle of feeding the baby and so I was not prepared to head out after getting Ping. So I got the directions, got some snacks for Ping and headed to the office. I have never been there before and I got a little lost, but I was there plenty early. The social worker ended up getting there before I did. I was just about to finish feeding Kaylee when her parents came in, so I gave the bottle and K over to her mom. They were nice enough. They had been really worried about the baby. They didn't know who was taking care of her. I would be crazy over that too. I told them that she was being treated like the princess she was. They were really very grateful. I left after a few minutes so they could have their visit.

Ping and I headed home. As we drove out of the parking lot, Ping kept saying "Bye bye baby, have a good time with your mommy and daddy." It was adorable. Kaylee came back to the house about two hours later. She had a pediatrician appt. at 2:00 pm. She looked good to them. I was grateful. I got a chance to talk to the social worker after the visit. All is well. The rest of the day was spent at home. We were all pretty tired from the long day. When Bill got home, Ping opened her birthday gifts and we sang to her and had cake. Daddy made her favorite meal. She was stuffed, so she barely ate any cake. She loved her gifts. I got her two princess dresses, a few craft projects, a crown and a wand. I can't remember what else. I have to say that Ping was thrilled with how her day went. I let her hold the baby during the day for a few minutes. Ping's eyes were as big as saucers when I asked her if she wanted to hold the baby. She said "Yes Mommy and I will be so careful with her." God I love this kid!

Thursday I decided I wasn't going anywhere. I had a bunch of phone calls to make and some things to do around the house. So with the exception of taking Ping to VBS and picking up a swing from a Freecycler, I was home for the day. Kaylee didn't want to sleep at all. Needless to say I didn't get much done! I have a feeling she is colicky, but what do I know? She slept pretty decent in the middle of the night. I slept on the chair downstairs while holding her. She loves to be held. I had her nestled in the crook of my arm so that she couldn't fall. I let Ping hold Kaylee again before bed. Kaylee hated the idea. You will see in the photos that it was not a good experience for her.

So today is Friday, well technically it is now Saturday. So yesterday I got up from the chair and fed Kaylee and then got Ping going and I jumped into the shower. I made sure I had all of K's stuff because she was leaving around 10:30 am. I took Ping to VBS and someone said "How are you doing with all this?" I said that I was doing well. I left church, got in the truck and bawled. It's only been one week, but I love Kaylee with all my heart. I am so sad that she has to go and live with her parents. I want her to be with them, but at the same time, I want her so badly. I thought that would be the end of the tears, but I was hysterical on and off all day long. Needless to say my eyes have stung and have wanted to be shut for most of the day. I did go back to the church for 11:30 am to see a little show. It was adorable. I just had to bite my lip. I was so afraid people would keep asking me about Kaylee. I have brought her in every single day since I picked Ping up at noon on that first day. They knew the story. So a lot of the women asked how I was. That threw me over the edge every time, so I had to bite hard so I could stop the tears.

Tonight we packed everything up and put it in the car to be returned to either the store or Meri who let us borrow some stuff. I just had to get it out of the house.

My nails looked horrendous, so I thought I would paint them tonight. Didn't matter if I could actually see them or not. I don't know why I just didn't go to bed. I went upstairs for the polish and kissed Ping in bed. She just finished reading with Daddy and the lights were out. She turned to me and said "Can you go back downstairs now Mama?" That is love for you, no?

Well I know this post is probably jumbled. I may have mispelled something or said something incorrectly. Please forgive me, I am drained. I just wanted to get caught up here.

Hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Bear with me, there are a lot of Kaylee. She was just too beautiful not to capture in various positions.

Ping looking on.

Sweetly sleeping.

Sweetly sleeping.

Hello baby.

Wide awake.

So fair.

Snuggle puss.

My new tiara.

Princess Ping.

Decked out.

Michael Jackson move.

Position #2 in ballet, not that she knows that.

Fairy Princess.

Daddy carrying cake.

Hmmm, cake.

Never did make a wish!

Waiting to eat. Take the picture Mama!!!

Staring at me on the computer.


I am in love.

So cozy.

Close up.

Baby cakes.

Where is she? So pink.

Hanging with Ping.

Not loving being held by Ping.


Waiting to go see mommy and daddy.

Good bye sweetie, I love you.

Vacation Bible School.

Clapping as she is coming in.

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