Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beautiful and then rain and then beautiful and then rain.

Today started out nice, but got dark really quick. By this afternoon, we had hail, wind and thunderstorms. They passed and it cleared up, but then they rolled in again. I was glad to not have to be out in that soggy mess today.

I watched a little bit of the Michael Jackson memorial. That was a total tearjerker. I didn't see the entire thing, just the last hour or so.

I finished packing up Ping's winter clothes and took care of a few odds and ends around here. The day went by quickly and I am not sure why. I am trying to get my dear hubby to help me do something right now. It's frustrating because he works at a different pace than mine. His is reverse!!!!

Anyway, I am off to harass hubby some more so I can get this current project I am doing done! I would do it without his help, but I need his muscles:)


Mama Out!!!!

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