Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am sunburned

I took Ping to a local playground today so that she could play with a new friend by the name of Ben. I met Ben's mom Susan through my CASA training. I had never been to this playground, so I met Susan at a local store and followed her there. It was really bright and sunny out. We were sitting in the sun, but then moved to a bench in the shade. Needless to say, the sun found us after awhile. We both walked away burned. Hopefully Ben is okay. Ping was fine. She is so lucky that she tans. Neither one of us remembered to bring sunscreen. However, Susan remembered to bring tons of juice boxes and sandwiches for the kids. Clearly a thinking mom! I brought a drink for Ping, one for me and then some goldfish and fruit snacks. Ping touched neither snack, but loved drinking the juice boxes and having a sandwich. Ben and Susan gave Ping an adorable pink necklace. She loves it. She kept saying on the way home that she loved it and it was her favorite necklace. Ping and I had a ton of fun. Guess next time we will pick a shadier playground or bring the sunscreen.

Ping spent the rest of the afternoon watching videos and I caught up with some business calls. At one point this afternoon, Ping looked at me and said "Mama, why are you so red?" What can I say?

Bill had the fire department tonight, so he was gone a few hours. He had training. He was home earlier than I expected. I was reading to Ping and I heard the door. I said to Ping "Listen baby, what is that?" She got this huge smile on her face and said "my Daddy." She tried to bolt, but I told her she couldn't leave. I was just playing with her. I knew he would immediately come upstairs. As usual, she demanded him to change into his pajamas. If she is in pjs, she wants him in pjs too. She then told him that he couldn't go to work tomorrow. She says that often. She said "I am not letting you go to work tomorrow." So I told her that she could call his boss tomorrow and let her know. She truly cracks me up.

I put my mom's car up for sale. I hope we get a couple of people interested. The car is fine, but it's tired. It's time to let it go before more things happen. I spent a considerable amount on it already making sure that it runs well.

Well that is all for now folks. Hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!!

My little climber.


Sliding is fun.

Ben and Shayla

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