Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Major catching up to do here!!!!

On Friday, the three of us piled into the car to head to the ranch we went to in January. We went because we had a 2 night free stay. Trust me, I would never go there if it wasn't for that. So we are about 2 hours down the highway when I get a phone call from our social worker with DCF. She is interested in knowing if we are willing to take a seven day old baby girl with high legal risk. We say we would love to. She said she would call us as soon as she got back to the office. In the meantime, I received another call from someone else in her office asking if we are interested in taking the little one. We said we were and we would turn around. So then the supervisor of the social worker for the baby called and discussed the case with us a little. We turned around and flew home. However, about an hour back into our ride, we got another call. The baby could not be found. So we were told we could go home and wait or we could continue on our journey. Well Ping was so excited to go to the ranch, we felt it would be best for her to turn around and go. We did just that.

The ranch was much, much better this time. We had a much better room and the place was a heck of a lot cleaner. I couldn't really enjoying myself because I was constantly wondering where this little angel was. They said they would call when she was found, but there was no call!!!!! Ping went on a few hayrides and pony rides. Bill and I rode the horses each day. That was fabulous.

We came home Sunday and all we could manage to do was run out for dinner with Meri and Joe and the kids because we had no food in the house.

On Monday, I got up at 8am to take Ping to the church next door. She has Vacation Bible School this week. I dropped her off and came right home so that I could call about this little baby. Well as soon as I walked in the door, they called me. She had been found on Saturday morning. I have no idea why they didn't call!!! However, they wanted to know if we were still interested. Of course we were. So I called Bill and told him and I said I would call back after she arrived. Ten minutes later I called and told him to come home. I was afraid the social worker would drop off the baby and I would have to run and get Ping at the same time. Bill said he would be home soon. At 10:30, Miss Kaylee came to stay with us. She is about seven pounds and perfect. The social worker wasn't able to stay long because she had to go to court. Once she was gone we picked up Ping from VBS. Ping was shocked that we had a baby with us. She instantly fell in love. I told her that Kaylee's mommy and daddy were not feeling well and that we had to take care of her for a little time. She then says "Mama, baby said she wants to stay with us forever. Can we keep her forever?" It was so very sweet. God I wish we could! Anyway, we headed off to Target with Meri, Joe and the kids. We had nothing for Miss Kaylee. So we bought diapers and bottles and lotions, etc. We then had to run to another Target to get the Pak n Play I wanted to get for her. Had to be plum colored you know! We were exhausted. We came home and set up the Pak n Play. I think it was nearly 1:30am when we thought we should crawl up to bed. The house looked like a pipe bomb had gone off inside. There was just utter chaos here.

I brought Kaylee upstairs and tried to put her in the bassinet but she wanted no part of it. She was screaming, so she woke up Ping. Ping started to cry and said she couldn't sleep because the baby was too "screamy." Ping then said "Mama, baby Kaylee needs to go back to where she belongs." It was pretty funny. We finally got Ping to settle down and then she started chattering like crazy. She said to Daddy "Can my next sister look like me please?" It was one of those awwww moments. I wish honey, I wish.

Well Miss Kaylee was having no part of any of this chatter, so I took her downstairs so that Ping and Bill could sleep. I sat on the couch for the entire night. Kaylee wasn't happy. At one point I got her to sleep for some time. Around 7:00 am I decided to get up and get showered. I needed to get Kaylee ready and Shayla ready so I could get Shayla ready for VBS. I was so proud of myself. I got her there on time with two kids. That is a huge feat for me!

I brought Kaylee back to the house and proceeded to make some phone calls. I spoke to Kaylee's social worker and it was decided in court yesterday that Kaylee is going to go live with her mom on Friday at a shelter. All I can say is I don't make the rules:( I think Kaylee should be with her mom, but I hate that it will be at a shelter.

I have now gotten used to Kaylee and have fallen in love. I have gotten her to be less fussy and I am working on a routine with her. She loves to sleep on her side. I got a lot done today. That shocked me. I hit a wall around 4:00 pm. Our social worker stopped by to give me something and to say hello. She couldn't get over how beautiful this little one is.

Bill came home and I asked him to feed Kaylee as I was so exhausted and knew he and Shayla were going out shopping. I passed out. When Bill said he had to go, I was like "huh????" So I told him to lay her in the crook of my legs. Can I tell you that she loved, loved and loved that????? She was safe, I would only roll forward and not back if I really was going to fall dead asleep, but I didn't. She loved the warmth and closeness of it all. I was still half alive when Bill got home. He asked what us bums were doing? Um, we are very tired!!!!

Ping went right to bed. She was zonked. I fed Kaylee and changed her and held her for awhile. I then had Bill hold her so I could wrap Ping's gifts. My baby is four today, July 15th!!!!!! I hope she loves her stuff.

I have to run as it's late and the little one is stirring. Time for a snack. It's 1:00 am and I am getting tired again. I hope she will sleep for me. Before I run, I just want to explain that we are not foster parents. We are hoping to adopt from our state. We are considered a preadoptive home placement. There is high and low legal risk. Kaylee happened to be high risk. Kaylee could have been ours permanently but we would not have known that for a long time as there is a process to follow. We are blessed for having the opportunity to have her for as long as we are. We hope the next little one will be ours to keep.

Hope you are well!

Mama Out!!!!!!!!

Ping on the horse.



Paddle boats.

Ping on the hayride.



Petting zoo.

Ping giving Daddy a Chinese massage.

Ping in the wagon.

Ping on the playground.

Boat at the playground.


The train engineer.

Bill driving the fire engine.

Ping with her face painted.

Bunk beds.



Queen and double beds.

Silly baby with diaper on head.

Having fun.



Tennis and pool.

Playground area.




Sweet stuff.

Baby doll.

Loving the bouncy seat.

Worth the wait. So true.

Snuggle bunny.

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