Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Warriors!!!!

Bill pulled the entire contents of "his" garage out into the driveway yesterday morning. After showering, I offered to help. To be honest, I wasn't that big of a help. Every time I work in the garage, I end up with a sinus infection. However, I am an awesome supervisor. Go ahead and ask Bill if you want:) Needless to say, this was an all day evening. Finally at the end of the night, we packed the truck up with trash and bottles and headed out to do some errands around 8:00 pm. We then had dinner. We were too tired to go home and cook. I am so glad to see the garage so neat and clean. Let's see how long it will stay that way. I tell Bill all the time if he maintained it, we wouldn't have to do it every summer. He doesn't listen. Oh well. I am grateful to have that project done. I put a lot of things on Freecycle. Almost everything that we didn't need is gone.

I want to concentrate on the shed, the upstairs workshop and the attic next, but it's going to be awhile before we tackle that. We need to do a little clean up around the outside too! It just never ends.

Today was an odd day. Stuff got done, but not nearly the amount of what I wanted to tackle. I got rid of some more stuff to Freecyclers. Also did some measuring for new shelves inside the house. Did some laundry and some other odds and ends. Nothing great though. So of irritated me that more didn't get done. Not much I can do about it now. The day is done!!!

Bill has already gone on two calls tonight. I hope from the time he gets home till the time he goes to work is quiet or it will be one hell of a night around here!!!

Prepare for a hot and soggy week my friends!!!

Mama Out!!!!

Out on a day pass.

Out on a day pass buddy.

Too old for this, but she never got to use it last year. She loves it.

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