Monday, July 27, 2009

Damn Mosquito!!!!!!

I woke up this morning with 5 or so bites under my right knee. I have a few above the knee and a few on my hands. I have been going crazy itching them today. Very irritating to say the least. The worst is having them on my leg because of my Lymphedema. It's hard for them to heal when I get them there. I wonder what I could use to make them stop itching. I should search online for some medication for that. They must have something.

Got up early today. I had someone coming to pick something up that I was Freecycling and thought that I would try to hand it to her without my daughter seeing from inside the house. Yeah, I got caught. Ping was all confused. I told her I would get something better than the stuff I was getting rid of. She was happy with that.

I took Ping to the playground for an hour today. She asked what color the playground. She is so funny. Last week it was a playground with blue equipment and we saw another one when we were driving with all red equipment, so now she equates playgrounds with color. Today it was red and beige. It was beautiful out. It was nice to be out for an hour or so. I just wish I had brought a book with me.

As usual, we had a few errands to do. She reminded me that she hates errands over and over again to the point where I was ready to scream. Who likes them????? I had to go to the bank, make a return, go to CVS and get town trash bags. Who else is gong to do the errands if not us. She doesn't get it.

I told Ping tonight that we may go to another playground tomorrow night. She said "What color is it?" She is a nut. Anyway, she put her hand to her forehead and says "Mama, I already told you, NO MORE PLAYGROUNDS!!!!!!" Bill and I just burst out laughing. She is so damn bossy. Not sure where she gets that:) She never said she didn't want to go to a playground, so I have no idea why she said that, but it was hysterical.

When I shake her vitamins in the morning, I always ask her what colors she wants. If she gets the color she asks for she says "I told you I wanted PURPLE!!!!!" Um, okay hon!

I was fooling around with her tonight while I was on the computer. She was sitting behind me and I am not sure what came up, but I was saying "you don't like your Mama." I said it a few times. She burst into tears and hugged me so hard. I told her I was playing with her. I told her that I was saying it because she doesn't like me, she loves me. I made her laugh after that and all was good. She is so sensitive. She gets worried I think if she thinks I don't believe she loves me. I told her that I have loved many people in my life. I love her Daddy and I loved my parents more than anything, but that she will forever be the greatest love of my life. She was so happy with that. It's not any more intense, it's just different. I may feel differently when she is 15!!!! Check back with me:)

Tonight I got aggravated with the TV and Ping says "Mama, are you mad at me? I said "no, not at all honey." So she says "You mad at the TV?" Yes I am baby. It was not working for me for a few minutes, but I got it to work. She wanted to see something and I was frustrated that it wouldn't switch like I wanted it too.

Earlier today someone wasn't paying attention at a light, so I waited, but then I finally gently beeped. I kept my mouth shut though. I was so pleased with myself. Of course Ping says "someone not driving right Mama?" She picks up on everything I do. It jerks me out of my aggravated mood. She is what everyone needs if they are aggravated. That is if she isn't the one doing the aggravating!

Well off to pick up some and go to bed. I swear I just sprung two more bites. UGH!!!!!

Mama Out!!!!

What should I try first?

Look at me Mama.

Yelling at the bug on the slide.

Hanging before letting go.

Happily landing on her feet.

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Kim said...

Try some Calydryl for the bites. It comes in clear now so you won't be all pink. It dries out the bites as well as taking away the itches. Living in the South, mosquitoes are just a way of life in the spring, summer, and fall. With all the bites we get, the Calydryl works the best.