Friday, August 7, 2009

If's Friday!!!!!!

We spent a nice day home. Ping watched a bunch of new movies that I got from a Freecycler. Unfortunately, she the "Fox and the Hound" threw her for a loop. Towards the end of the movie, she started crying hysterically. I asked her what happened. All I got out of it is that something happened to the bear. My sweet sensitive baby. It's amazing how affected she is by sad movies. She is such a love.

While Ping watched her new movies, I made several calls for my CASA case. I was happy that I was able to get in touch with a few people. I also had to make a few phone calls about other things. All in all, I got a lot done. Not everything I wanted to. I am getting used to never getting it all done. Sure is frustrating.

Tonight we all played a cute game. Ayi Sarah and Uncle Brad gave Ping a wonderful game for her birthday. You build a tea place setting. You first have to get a plate. After the plate, you acquire sandwiches, fruit and dessert. There is a tea cup, cream and sugar and also a napkin with utensils. You have to get the plate before you can add any food. It's an adorable game and Ping loves it. We have played it a few times now. Unfortunately, all I could spin tonight was "fruit." Once you have it, you can't get another one. Bill was laughing at my bad luck. Ping and Daddy then watched a little TV and I fell asleep for a short time. I then got up and watched some TV. Now I am off to bed. Have to get up early tomorrow.

Mama Out!!!!!

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