Thursday, August 20, 2009

I swear I have aged 10 years today!!!!

Last night my computer was attacked by a virus. It kept crashing my computer. I couldn't get in touch with my computer guy and I was flipping out. I went to bed and decided to deal with it today.

I woke up at 6:30 am to the phone ringing. Someone thought they were reaching me on my business line. They wanted to discuss adoption with me. They didn't know it was my home phone number. I was in a complete fog, but woke up enough to say that I would call her back once I was up and running for the day. I finally got up around 9:30 am. Ping kept saying "get up Mom, you getting up Mom?" So I decided it was time to jump in the shower. I got a call shortly after from my insurance agency. There was some big issues with the way we were moving plates around. It was really frustrating me. She wasn't able to access the Registry because it was done, so we agreed to talk later.

I sat down at the computer once I got downstairs. It had crashed and now I couldn't access anything. I thought I was going to cry. I just had too much stuff going on. In a few hours, both the insurance issues with the plates was fixed and I had fixed the anti-virus problem. That is truly amazing since I am not so techno savvy!

Bill came home early and we went to get the new truck. It was hotter than hell out, so we didn't review the car, we just drove out of the lot. We were all too hot to discuss how to work the mirrors. I will figure it out on my own. We went and got gas and then I popped into the place where I get a pedicure to see if they had any openings. They took me right then. Bill ran home for my flip flops. He came back much later which was a little irritating.

Once home, I paid bills and caught up on some other work. I seem very behind. I hope to work on some more tomorrow. We shall see though. As we were driving down to get the truck, I got a call from my social worker. She has a 6 month old baby that needs a temporary placement. I only spoke with her a few minutes, so I don't know the full story. I will find out more tomorrow. I asked her why I was being called since I am not a foster care home, we are trying to be an adoptive home. She said it was because they were in a pinch. She also said it was because I was a stay at home mom. Let them try to find me. We are often out!!!! Anyway, I felt bad, so I said yes. She said she would call me back soon. She called me about 10 minutes later and said that the girl had to stay in the hospital tonight. So supposedly I will be contacted tomorrow with more info. She may be with us a few weeks. I am literally bracing myself. I don't want my heart broken again. All I can do is see if I can do it!!!

I have to go to bed because I have no idea what time I will be called. I have to do a bunch of things tomorrow including going to the insurance company and also heading to the Registry.

Fill you in some more soon!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Silly girl.

She told me to take photos of her. I was taking photos of the cars.

Always wants to stand on the rock.

Happy girl.

My little model.

On the way to get the new car.

Trading in. Did not qualify for clunkers. Oh well.

Mom's car. Time to say goodbye.

15 years old. Can't believe it.

New ride.

Black on black. Hard to see the flecks in the paint.

Can't see the plate. It's new. Firefighter Memorial plate.

Front, showing Captain seating.

Front dash before the dust settles in.

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