Monday, August 17, 2009

My parents wedding anniversary would be today if they were here

Bill and I have been debating. We think they would have been married for 52 years today if they were still both alive. I can't for the life of me remember the year they got married. Bill is convinced it was 1959. I would have to double check on that. Either way, it's amazing to me. They both were young enough that they should have been here to celebrate their day.

It was a cold 93 degrees today! I took Ping to Dean Park in Shrewsbury at 10:30 am. We were meeting my friend Jenn and her three beautiful children. We also were introduced to Jenn's friend who had three adorable children as well. It was sort of a "small world" moment because Jenn's friend came up and introduced herself. I took one look at her and said "I know you!!!!" She is a waitress at Friendlys in Wesborough. We chatted a lot about various things that night and I thought she was really sweet. So when she walked up and introduced herself, I was just shocked! Later on a little girl was playing with Ping and the other kids and I asked her what her name was. She said it was Lena. I said "I know you Lena. You used to play with my daughter when I took her over to play with the Early Intervention group on Wednesdays. Of course neither Ping or Lena remembered. I knew Lena's mom when she was pregnant. I didn't recognize her not pregnant. I didn't get a chance to say hello to her because they left shortly after I realized the connection. Then a little later I told Jenn I was going to go to Westborough Buick tonight and she told me her husband worked there. I totally forgot that she mentioned that to me one day. Her girlfriend that was there today is married to a man who works there as well. They are both mechanics. It was just an odd day of connections.

It was really hot out at the playground, so Jenn and her friend and the kids left to go to the playground. Ping and I headed to Staples and another quick errand and then came home. The minute I got home, I got a ton of calls from dealerships and other places. Finally at 4:00 pm, I fed Ping lunch!!!! Mind you, she had snacks and a ton to drink, but I never gave her any real lunch. On the last errand I told her that I would grab her a parfait when I got an ice tea. She says to me "Mama, I don't want a parfait, I want real food!!!!!" She is such her Daddy's girl. That is something he would say. I would be happy with a cracker, but he needs the whole kit and kaboodle.

Tonight we went to the Buick dealership, but not the one I was going to go to. We went to the one where they behaved like idiots about a week ago. They called and promised me a good deal. So we headed to the dealership. The a/c was broken, so it was a pretty miserable night. Needless to say, we have finally bought the SUV we have been looking for. Ping was pretty patient given that we were there a long time and it was hot. She asked Daddy for his money. He said he only had a dollar. So she took it and got herself a snack. After she ate her snack, she said to Daddy, I need some money. He told her that he was out of money and that she got his last dollar. So what does she do???? She literally pulls out his wallet, flips it open and looks in the dollar compartment. It was hysterical. I guess this morning, she found Bill's change on the bed and so she took it and said "Daddy, look what I found and I am keeping it." He supposedly said to her "Um, you didn't find it, I just put it there." I am telling you, there is money laundering going on here. Bill takes money from me and she takes it from him. After 15 or so minutes went by, she took his wallet again and double checked. She was so disappointed that it was empty. Bill didn't even feel his wallet being swiped. So I am thinking of taking her to a jewelry store tomorrow:) We could develop our own racket! Who would suspect a little sweet girl?

Every time we go out in the evening, Ping says "We going to a restaurant Mama?" Why does this kid think we need to eat in a restaurant every time we go out? So she harasses us every time we leave the house. When we got in the car, she started up with the question again. She had been saying it all night. I said we were not going and she had a fit. It was 9:00 pm, so to be fair, she was dead tired. She said she didn't want to go home because she doesn't miss the kitties. Ever since our cruise, she has thought that we need to go home to watch the kitties. When she asked why we couldn't stay on the boat, we told her that Daddy had to work and that it was a vacation and it doesn't last forever and that we missed the kitties and we needed to go home and see them and take care of them. Now ever single day, if we are heading home she starts with "I am not missing the kitties. I don't want to go home for the kitties." The poor cats get blamed for us leaving places!!! No matter what I tell her, she doesn't believe me. Anyway, so I said to her that the restaurants are all closed because it's late. She carries on. So I say "We will go to Wendy's House." She calls Wendy's "Wendy's House." So then she says "I want to go to a big restaurant, not a little one." How does she know the difference? Where does she come up with this stuff??? It just amazes me that she knows the difference between fast food and a sit down and relax restaurant. We still were eating inside, but it didn't matter. She was fine with it though. She wasn't thrilled, but she settled down. I prayed she would pass out, but she didn't. So sure enough, off to Wendy's House we went.

Well off to bed. I am so tired from the day.

Mama Out!!!!!

Ping with a pony tail.

Looking out at all the fun stuff.

My little climber.

Sliding attitude.

Ping and her friend.

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