Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where did the day go?

I had a few things that I listed on Freecycle yesterday. Everything was picked up by today. It was a busy morning. Our friend Trisha came over around 1:00 pm. Bill and Ping went out earlier to do some errands and were still out, so Trisha and I got a chance to chat. When Daddy and Ping got home, we went out to lunch. We then dropped Bill off and took Ping to the playground. We were not there long. We came home and played two games. That was a lot of fun. Trisha wanted to go out for ice cream, so we headed out to a local place. Shortly after we got home, she left to make the drive back to her house. Bill stained a desk that I have wanted stained for two years. I watched a Hallmark movie. Fairly easy day.

I hope tomorrow brings more energy to get some stuff done around the house.

Mama Out!!!!!

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