Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's getting there

Still working on going through my parents belongings. It's a dreadful job. I don't know what to do with some stuff. Everything has to be looked at and thought about. It's easy to get rid of your own stuff by comparison. I know some people say it's just "stuff." That is partially true. Some "stuff" is valuable or sentimental though. I found the flag that was given to my mom after my dad died because he was in the service. You don't throw that out. You don't donate that. You keep it, but where? Won't fit in the Hope Chest. Do you put it in a plastic tub in the attic? Do yourself, your children, your friends, your family or your grandchildren a favor, get rid of everything you think you live without. My parents and grandparents were meticulous in keeping everything of importance. Wills, receipts, deeds to property, etc. I inherited it all. It's been interesting to go through but absolutely heartbreaking also.

I am down to the last of the boxes. Bill and I are still trying to categorize stuff so that I can take photos and talk to experts about some of the stuff. Then there are the things that I didn't like, but my parents liked. One thing in particular is my mom's ceramics. She loved going to class and painting items. I don't have a ton of items, but have a few. There are a few I do not care for. When I asked my mom if I could give away, she was horrified. So now I feel awful if I give them away. So I have watched, bubble wrapped and put into a plastic container for the attic. Some day when I am stronger, I may just be willing to part with it. I believe I have done remarkably well. I have donated a lot of items. That is a huge thing for me. I just keep telling myself that the love I have for my parents is in my heart, it's not in a particular item. They hated clutter, so something tells me that they would be okay with what I have been doing. I usually can judge how they would feel. I hope I am right. If I am wrong, they will surely tell me when I join them in heaven. I am going there, right? I hope not for a very, very long time though. I keep thinking if I consult a medium, I can ask them ahead of time what they think. I don't think any medium could handle my list of questions though:)

It was a fairly productive day. I wish I got more done, but at some point I just hit a wall and had to stop. I hope to get more done as we go forward.

Mama Out!!!!!

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