Wednesday, August 26, 2009


That is what I am calling the new little one. She cried all day today. She was dry, fed, played with, etc., but she still cried if I didn't hold her 24/7. Silly goose.

We spent the day at home until about 4:00 pm. The social worker for the baby stopped by with some clothes for the baby. There were a few toys as well. Honestly, I bagged up the stuff and threw it in a closet. There is now way in hell I am putting these clothes on this baby or letting her play with some of these toys. There was a stuffed cow with her stuff. I immediately gave it to her and said that her Mommy and Daddy wanted her to have it to play with till she could see them again. I looked at it more closely and had to put it away. It looks like 20 kids played in the mud with it. It was truly gross. There was black and orange grime on it!!!! I am not trying to be nasty, but I don't want this little one playing with things that aren't good for her. I don't want her putting this in her mouth!!! Anyway, right after the social worker left, we went to sign Ping up for dancing lessons. I hope she loves to dance when she starts in September. After signing her up, we went to Walmart yet again!!!!! I wanted to get some wipes and more baby food as well as a few other things. After we fed the girls, we put them in bed and all three passed out. That would be the girls and Bill of course. Dinner never happened:(

Well there are two appointments in the morning that I have to bring the baby too so I am off to get some rest. Just wanted to check in and let you know how things were going.

Mama Out!!!!!

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BradM said...

What could possibly by at Walmart that you don't already have? (grin)